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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

$500 Fabulous Fall Cash Giveaway

It's fall, and if you haven't grabbed your autumn-wear yet, now is your chance to score a huge chunk of cash to go on a shopping spree! One lucky person IS going to get this money - but it won't be you unless you remember to enter this giveaway!

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The #VitaVoxBox: What I got for free from Influenster!

Get Free Stuff

We live in a society where "free" is a code-word for "scam", and yet everyone is always trying to get something for "free".

So does free really exist? Can you ever really get something (good) for "free"? I think the answer is yes - but you definitely need to know where to look! As a blogger, I'm constantly on the lookout for any opportunities that will allow me to review products for free. So far, a site called Influenster is one of the best things I've found that will give the everyday person a shot at getting awesome products in exchange for nothing more than their opinion. (And in this day and age, I don't think anyone is running short on those.)

But are the products any good? Well, I suppose that the depends on the individual, and the particular VoxBox you've received. I've gotten several VoxBoxes since joining with Influenster, and they've all been different, but I've always enjoyed most of the items in each one. Check out what I received in my most-recent VoxBox below, then keep scrolling to the bottom to find out how you can join!

PureLeaf Tea #LoveOfLeaves

I received some PureLeaf Tea to sample, and it was awesome. It was a full-size bottle and the taste was great. I love getting food items in my boxes because it gives me something yummy to drink or munch on while I check out my other products!

#LoveOfLeaves with Pure Leaf Tea via Influenster

Elizabeth Arden #FlawlessFuture Ceramide Serum

Whoa. This one was a surprise to even me! The Elizabeth Arden product line is nothing to sneeze at, and the fact that this serum (found at the beauty counter in department stores) was sample-sized did nothing to dampen my spirits. I would have loved full-sized of course, but the sample was so big that until I saw the full-size one at the beauty counter, I had no idea that I was in possession of a smaller version!

#FlawlessFuture Collection from Elizabeth Arden

SoftLips Cube #GetCubed

This was possibly my favorite item in the whole box. Works amazingly, just as good as the brand of chapstick I've used for years... but it didn't have the same horrible taste as the chapstick I use. (Can you guess which one I probably used? I'm not going to blast them here, but c'mon. We all know which one tastes like awful medicine...) This came full-sized and I've been toting it with me everywhere. I'm gonna need a new one soon, and I'll be able to get it at a discount because they tucked a couple of $1 off coupons in the box for me!!

#GetCubed with SoftLips

Bikini Ready Gummies #BikiniReadyLifestyle

I was a bit confused about this one. It was a sample size (which is no biggie to me) but it is also after Bikini season. (At least where I live. I'm pretty sure if I went out in a bathing suit now, I'd freeze my buns off.) I liked the energy that it gave me - a definite bonus since I've been crunching to work fast against piling deadlines - but I didn't like the taste. It was too bitter for me, and I needed a sip of that PureLeaf Tea afterwards just to get the taste out of my mouth! However, I have to give them points because the caffeine was about what I get from my insta-coffee each day, minus the stains that my daily cup is always trying to leave on my teeth.

#BikiniReadyLifestyle Gummies

First Degree Burn Cream #BurnsHappen

This I could have used all year! My family gets burns on a pretty frequent basis... partially due to clumsiness and partially due to stupidity. (As in a month ago when my husband decided that he was going to make bacon. Naked. Nice job honey.) Needless to say, the hubs and I both have our fair share of cooking burns from working in the kitchen, and I've earned myself a few "badges of honor" from the hair straightener I use on a weekly basis. All in all, this stuff is a definite keeper and handy to have around in the first aid kit.

Alicia Figueroa with First Degree Burn Cream #BurnsHappen

So there you have it. The #VitaVoxBox. It was full of (mostly) stuff that I enjoyed quite a bit. It's simple to get a VoxBox and it's easy to complete the review tasks for Influenster. So why not join up for yourself and see how much fun it is to get one!?


You can join Influenster on their website at www.influenster.com. Or, connect with them on social media via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube.

Do you ever review products? What do you think of reviewing in exchange for freebies?
Chat with me in the comments below, I love hearing from my readers!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Feather The Nest - The New Way to Fund Your Down Payment

How-to crowd fund your down payment!

Trying to save up for your dream home? Check out this guest post from Feather The Nest to find out how you can crowdfund your down payment.

A New Way to Fund Your Down Payment.

Saving up for a down payment is hard work. It means taking a long look at your budget and finding out what you can cut back on. That probably means eating at home more, no more expensive lattes.

But there are occasions like a wedding, a baby shower, even your birthday or Christmas when your friends and family are generous enough to give you gifts. Why not turn these gifts into donations towards your down payment?

Did you know?...

There are websites that will help you do that! Asking for cash gifts can be an etiquette no-no, so sites like Feather The Nest allow you to set up a nest to collect funds to make asking less awkward.

Feather The Nest makes it easy to ask your friends and family to give you donations towards your house savings in lieu of gifts. They can see how much you have collected and you can post pictures and videos to keep them updated on the status. They get the satisfaction of giving you a gift that has lasting value and you get contributions to your home savings.

Where to sign up?

You can start a nest online for free at www.FeatherTheNest.com, and there is only a small transaction fee taken when you cash out your nest.

To see the in-depth review of Feather The Nest on MasterofMom.com, click HERE!

What do you think of crowdfunding? Would you prefer donations instead of gifts?
Chat with me in the comments below, I love hearing from my readers!

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