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Thursday, August 21, 2014

$50 PayPal or Amazon Giveaway!

Could you use an extra $50? I know I could! Although it seems like $50 doesn't get you as much as it used to (remember when you could fill your tank, buy dinner, and still have change leftover for a movie rental?!?), but there are still a lot of great items you can buy with fifty bucks.

Here's a list of some of the awesome finds I discovered at Target, and guess what? You could get every last thing on this list for just under $50.

Check out my finds and then scroll down to the giveaway to enter. And hey, if you see something you like, please consider buying it by clicking on one of my affiliate links seen here. You'll get a great deal, and I'll earn a few cents to keep my blog running!

Men's 3-Piece Bath Set

This bath set has a sisal body glove, a sisal back scrubber and a nail brush. Bonus: The brush has a pumice stone on the back for making sure rough spots stay callous-free.

Price? $8.99

Salad Server

This salad server is perfect for taking your salad on the go with its capacity for 8.5 cups of salad on the bottom and a separate compartment for holding 4 oz of salad dressing on the top. When it's time to eat, just release the lever to pour the dressing on the salad, shake, and enjoy! Bonus: They also come in personal size!

Price? $6.99

LEGO Legends of Chima!

If you've got a kid, you know that LEGO's are "in" this year. This glider set from Legends of Chima is a 109-piece set that comes with a Razcal minifigure and buildable weapon. Bonus: You can get free standard shipping on this item with a purchase of $50 or more on Target's website.

Price? $7.41

37-Pocket Jewelry Organizer

If there's one thing I hate when I'm getting ready in the mornings, it's discovering that I can only find one of my earrings. Or that I'm suddenly missing my favorite hair-clips. Or that two of my necklaces are tangled together. (Ick, that is the worst!) This organizer with 37 soft vinyl pockets allows you to find your jewelry quickly and easily every time. Bonus: You can hang it in your closet!

Price? $7.59

Method All-Purpose Cleaner

If you love the scent of grapefruit, you'll love this natural, all-purpose cleaner from Method. With their non-toxic plant-based formula, this cleaner is a good choice for any family looking to remove chemicals from their children's play & eating areas. Bonus: You can save 5% on this product when you subscribe to receive it on a delivery schedule from Target!

Price? $2.99

Play Circle Hairdressing Set

Do you have a little lady at home that adores all-things-girly? I know I do! That's why I'm a huge fan of the Play Circle toys over at Target. They have the cutest play-sets for a really great price. Bonus: Comes with its own case to store everything in!

Price? $12.99

Up & Up 64-count Crayons

When I was a girl, my grandma had a crayon caddy with a see-through top and so many colors I could never pick which to use first! This crayon caddy from Up & Up has the same see-through top & comes with 64 different colors for an amazing price! Bonus: The caddy has a built-in crayon sharpener!

Price? $3.00

And our grand total is... 49.96!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Want to feed your pet something amazing? Get Petbrosia.

Petbrosia Dog Food Review

I'm sure that at some point in life, you've spoken to your doctor, or maybe a nutritionist, about the types of food you eat. By the time we reach adulthood, many of us know what foods we need to steer clear of if we want to lose weight or avoid an upset stomach.

The foods that are right for our optimum health are partly based off of our activity levels and genetic makeup. We would never create a blend of food for people that was a one-size-fits-all because there just isn't any such thing.

So why do we think it should be any different for our dogs?

Our dog-food dilemma:

Since we brought our pup into the family, we've been concerned with feeding her the right foods. Sometimes we even make her a special doggy-dish of beans and rice with healthy ingredients like chicken & carrots to round it out. Cooking for your dog is probably one of the healthiest things you can do for him or her, but unfortunately not everyone has the time for this. (I know I don't!)

While our Casey still enjoys her "home-cooked" meal once or twice a month, for the most part we have to buy dog food. We don't want to feed her just anything though! Have you ever checked the ingredients on some of those dog food brands at the store? Even the ones that claim to be healthier have corn meal listed as a first ingredient! Last I checked, dogs liked meat better than corn, and corn does a number on their stomach. (And then your dog does a number on your yard. All over your yard.)

So what to do?

While there are a lot of different premium dog foods out there that don't have corn meal as a first ingredient, I have never seen a mix like the one I received from Petbrosia. They sent me a bag to try for free in order to do my review, but as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

What makes Petbrosia different?

They don't just give your dog good food, they give you good food for your dog. Before you can even make a purchase, you have to fill out a questionnaire that asks for specific details about your furriest family member. How much does he or she weigh? What breed? How much activity? Favorite color? (Okay, I made that last one up, but the rest are true!) What all that adds up to is ensuring that you pet gets the perfect blend of nutrients to give them long-lasting health benefits.

Petbrosia dog food kibble size

Are the ingredients high-quality?

You betcha. In addition to having ingredients that are already foods that I recognize the name of (carrots, blueberries, potatoes, chicken...) each blend has antibiotic-free and hormone-free meat as a first ingredient and has NO corn, wheat, soy, gluten, or artificial colors/flavors. You can find out more about their ingredients here. (And, check out info on their amazing grain-free salmon blend available for cats or dogs here!)

Petbrosia Ingredient List

Did my dog like it?

Very much so! As a matter of fact, our dog spent a good chunk of time sitting by the bowl the first time we gave her the food, hoping that if she pouted long enough we would give her some more. Thankfully, each order from Petbrosia comes with a its own specific feeding guidelines, so we knew exactly how much she was able to have. (She would have liked to eat the whole bag, so it was probably an extra-good thing that the bags are resealable, too!)

Dogs love Petbrosia dog food.


You can get $10 off your first order with Petbrosia by using the promotional coupon code: BRL10.


Want to check out Petbrosia and purchase some for your pet? Visit them on their website at www.petbrosia.com to get started. Stay connected via social media for the latest updates, news & discounts by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn or YouTube.

What do you think of this food? Do you give your dog a premium brand?
Chat with me in the comments below, I love hearing from my readers!

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Prize Candles: Fun, fab, & full of surprise rings worth up to $5000!

Prize Candle Review

I absolutely adore candles. They've always been a big part of my home decor (I love matching the colors to my different room schemes!) and I've given them as gifts for as long as I can remember.

But what if you could gift a candle that had a little something extra?

When I received the opportunity from Tastemaker Mom to check out a candle that was exactly that - I was thrilled! Although I was able to check out this candle for free in order to write my review, as always my opinions are my own!

What made this candle so great?

First of all, the smell was perfect for my tastes. It was floral, but not overly heavy and had a nice perfumed scent that lingered in the house for a while after we put it out. The name of the scent I received was Jasmine Neroli.

Because the candle is made of soy it gave off a long, clean burn. If you are a candle-lover, you know that one of the worst things about a great-smelling candle is when it only lasts for a few days! The fact that this candle is slow-burning is a definite plus.

And of course the very best part is that there was a ring inside!

Soy Prize Candles

Jewelry? In a candle?

That's right! As if candles weren't pretty awesome all on their own, Prize Candles each contain a surprise ring that is worth anywhere from $10 to $5000!

How does that work? Isn't the ring covered in wax?

Nope! Thanks to a nifty little air-tight packet, your ring is safely contained until the wax has burned down far enough for you to gently wiggle the package out.

How do you know what your ring is worth?

The good folks over at Prize Candle let you know! You don't have to do any guesswork and you don't need to take your ring to a jeweler for appraisal. Each ring comes with a little slip of paper with a code on it. You simply enter the code on Prize Candle's website and tadaaa!... instant knowledge of how much your ring is worth.

Pink Ring inside Prize Candle

My ring was worth $10, but that doesn't stop me from thinking that it is a pretty great ring! I plan to give it to my sister next week as a belated birthday gift. She loves costume-type jewelry, the-girlier-the-better. Next birthday though, I'll snag her one of these candles!

Would I buy one myself?

Oh most definitely. I actually browsed around the website and found out that they frequently have deals listed throughout their social media channels and on their actual site. Percentages off, BOGO offers, special deal-of-the-day type discounts... it makes buying one of these an absolute "do".

Are they expensive?

Not really. Consider that you pay (on average) about $12 - $15 for a long-lasting soy candle. The candles from Prize Candle are around the $25 range, so even if your ring only turns out to be a $10 one, you're still breaking about even. If you're buying on a BOGO day, well, you're practically coming out ahead now, aren't you?

I plan to buy several during the next Buy One Get One sale so that I have them on hand for gifts. Can you imagine the ease of giving someone a gift that is less than $15 (if you snag that BOGO deal!) but that has the ability to be worth thousands?!

Where to buy?

You can head over to Prize Candle's website HERE to get started! They have several scents available to choose from, and all of them contain rings!


Visit Prize Candle on their website listed above, or become a follower on social media to stay up to date on the latest deals & discounts! You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!

What do you think of these candles? Is this the type of thing you would gift?
Chat with me in the comments below, I love hearing from my readers!

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