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Friday, August 8, 2014

First Things First Family Prize Pack Flash Giveaway!

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Relationship Maintenance, Date Your Spouse

Think of your relationship like a car. When you first get it, everything may run fine, but if you don't have regular maintenance done on it, eventually things will stop working right. The windshield cleaner will run out, the spark plugs will go bad, fuses might burn out, and if you let the oil dry up you won't even have a good engine left.

Your car might be able to run for a while without maintenance. It might even seem like you've got the best car there is since you haven't had to go through the hassle and expense of keeping it up. You might have gotten comfortable just driving your car around, not caring whether there are crumbs in the seat or a rattle in the engine. Sooner or later though, the car is going to have troubles.

Like the car, no matter how comfy and cozy your relationship with your spouse might get, you need to practice good maintenance to keep it going.

Stop and take a good look at your relationship.

Chances are, if you've been married for a little while, you are at a comfortable-happy. You don't have the stars in your eyes like you did at the beginning (to blind you from the things like underwear on the floor next to the hamper), but it's most likely settled down into that quiet-happy love that most couples experience at some point. There is nothing wrong with the quiet-happy love, as a matter of fact I would say it's ideal. The problem is that it can't keep going all on it's own. Especially not in this day and age, when talking to an old flame or someone that suddenly makes you feel younger and better-looking is as close as turning on your computer.

So how do we avoid these pitfalls in marriage where we've become so comfortable driving along that we forget to stop for gas? It's simple. You date your spouse.

Wouldn't it be a wonderful thing to come home after a hard day and instead of the usual small talk before dinner, your spouse treated you to a foot rub? Or homemade margaritas? Or an evening of relaxation while he or she did the usual work? Dating your spouse doesn't need to be difficult, and it doesn't even need to be sexual!

Read through our mini-date suggestions, then watch the video below.
After you've watched the video, make sure to enter the giveaway for a great prize pack!

Have a drink together at home after the kids are in bed.

It doesn't have to be alcoholic, it just needs to be special! Do you both love coffee? Buy a special blend from the store or get a cappuccino mix! Don't drink coffee or liquor? Hot chocolate with all the fixings (like shaved chocolate, peppermints and whipped cream) works just as well, not to mention being delicious. Feel like a cold drink instead? There are a ton of recipes for fancy drinks on www.kraftrecipes.com that fit every taste.

Grab a movie that BOTH of you want to watch.

Get an old favorite or something you've never seen. If you have kids just wait until you've tucked them in to watch your movie so you can watch in uninterrupted bliss. As a special surprise, give your spouse a hand or foot rub during the movie.

Have lunch together on a weekday.

If your work schedules allow, try to meet at an outdoor spot like a park for an impromptu picnic lunch. Snagging a few moments together midday will remind you both of the days that you couldn't even get through a workday without calling or talking to your spouse.

Go for a long walk.

Hold hands and take a stroll. You don't have to be going anywhere in particular, just enjoy simply being together. Remind yourself of a time when you thought that having your spouse would be everything you could ever need in life. Too often we forget the powerful feelings that drive us towards our spouses in the first place!

Surprise your spouse!

When we date, we have a tendency to surprise our significant other with a special date - a romantic walk on the beach, a dance in the moonlight, a trip to the country to see the stars... We pull out all the stops and then some when wooing our partners, why should we quit once we've attained our goal? Pretend you're still winning your spouse over and take them on a dream-date.

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  1. It's hard to make time for you spouse when you have a lot of children and both work a lot of hours but stay with it as he will be the one who is there when they all leave.

    1. I just saw your comment Rosanne! (I must have been getting a lot of comments that day and not spotted the notification.) I completely agree with you though! ☺

  2. It's hard to date your spouse when they work so much so you can stay home with the children, but we do try.

    1. That can be difficult! My husband and I are both about to change up our career patterns a little and we'll be facing this problem for the second time. I think it makes the time you DO have together that much more special.

  3. We date often! As a matter of fact, we split a bottle of wine on our deck and stargazed just last night. :)

    1. That sounds lovely! I wish we had a deck, maybe when we move to the new house :D

  4. "It doesn't have to be alcoholic, it just needs to be special! Do you both love coffee? Buy a special blend from the store or get a cappuccino mix! Don't drink coffee or liquor?"