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Monday, February 18, 2013

Attention Chocolate Lovers...

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be shopping at the Home Goods store near me when I spotted a bag of my favorite treat: chocolate-covered espresso beans. The location I shop at always has a multitude of fancy chocolate covered this or that and anything sweet I've tried out there before has been "okay" (good enough to eat but not good enough to chase after). I've never been a huge lover of sweets, so when I buy something on a whim, I don't expect to fall in love with it. And I have definitely never been a chocolate craver. It's tasty, but not so much that I'm willing to put on an extra pound or two over it.

So at the risk of tempting you all to ruin your New Year's diets (for any of those that actually made it this long!), I have to say: The chocolates that I picked up were nothing short of spectacular. It had a wonderful smooth taste with just the right amount of sweet and melted away in my mouth. The company (which I've never heard of before) is called Dilettante, and if it wasn't for the fact that I love all things coffee and coffee-related, I never would have looked twice at the bag. I devoured the chocolate-covered beans in no time and then went back to the store to hunt through the racks for another bag. I found one more (whew!) wedged behind some fancy-looking trail mix and took it home (to share this time).

The particular chocolates I got come in a variety, so my husband eats the dark (his favorite) and milk chocolates, and I call dibs on the white and marbled ones. They were all so delicious, I knew I was going to want more, but I didn't know where else they would be sold! I did some looking around and found out that I could order the chocolates online (in bulk even) directly from the Washington-based company that makes them. Needless to say, when we run out of these ones, we'll be buying more... possibly the three-pound bag.

I know that this isn't the most helpful posting today (I'm probably making several of you crave chocolate right now), but I was so impressed by these that I had to say something. So if you love chocolate (or even if you're not too crazy about it like me) take a look at www.dilettante.com. They have a wide assortment of chocolate-covered deliciousness, not to mention specialty coffees, gift baskets, cookies, truffles, sauces, etc... I just wish I'd found out about this prior to Valentine's Day!

Espresso Beans - Dilettante Blend - 5oz Pouch


  1. I've never tried expresso beans before.

  2. These seem very intriguing. I would like to try these.

  3. Sounds good. Unfortunately my NY diet is already blown.

  4. I have never had chocolate covered expresso beans. Sounds yummy.

  5. I love chocolate covered espresso beans too.
    But the Hand Dipped Chocolate Truffles look so delicious !


  6. I adore chocolate but I don't know if I would love the espresso beans.

  7. I Like the sound of these okay now im hungry lol

  8. I LOVE chocolate covered espresso beans!! And as soon as im not pregnant im going to eat some :)