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Monday, February 4, 2013

LongHorn Steakhouse - Restaurant Re-review

We ended up going back to the LongHorn Steakhouse in Davie, FL tonight. I wanted to go back again on a Monday to make sure that there wasn't a massive difference in the schedules or crowd. I can definitely say that this trip was well worth it, and more than made up for the difficulties we had with our last meal there.

The manager greeted us within a minute or two of our arrival and had the host seat us. Our booth was quiet and clean, as was the rest of the restaurant. Our server appeared quickly, placing a fresh loaf of hot bread on the table as he took our drink orders. I ordered coffee, and was pleased to see that it tasted fresh even though it was later in the evening.

We ordered the calamari for an appetizer again. This time there were (thankfully!) no stray shrimp found inside. The sauce that they serve with the calamari has a wonderfully unique taste and reminds us slightly of a fancy french dressing, with something in it that we can't quite put our finger on.

I ordered the Loaded Baked Potato soup as an upgrade from the salad in my meal - it was certainly some of the best I have ever had. The soup itself is very cheesy, and the bacon on top gave it a delicious flavor. I'm sure that it isn't exactly waistline-friendly, but we all need to treat ourselves now and again! I especially liked that the potatoes were firm enough to stay together in the soup, but soft enough that they fell apart as soon as I chewed through them.

My husband went with the caesar salad for his meal, but it was lacking dressing. The server was happy to bring us a side of the dressing when we asked for it, at no extra charge.

We both got steaks, my husband ordered the Porterhouse and I ordered the Ribeye. We both prefer our meat pink on the inside, so after conferring with the server about how the meat at their restaurant was done, we decided on medium. The porterhouse came out perfectly, just the way we like it, but the ribeye was a bit overdone. Our server was kind enough to take the steak back and have them make me a new one, for which I was very appreciative.

The porterhouse could not have been better made, it was delicious and juicy and perfectly seasoned. The mashed potatoes that were ordered on the side were smooth and creamy with fresh herbs sprinkled over them. My husband was in love with his meal.

I was a bit disappointed with my first ribeye, I like a juicy cut of meat, and for my particular palate I would rather have my meat a little too red than a little too brown. The second one that was brought to me was in fact a little more red than I would think medium should be, but it was delicious all the same. It tasted better seasoned than the first one I tried, and it was infinitely more juicy. The green beans that I had ordered on the side had a nice buttery flavor and seemed quite fresh.

A good friend once told me: "If you need steak sauce for your steak, it wasn't cooked right." And I can definitely say that adding condiments to either of these steaks would have been just wrong. They were perfect as they were.

The service overall could not have been better. Our waiter was attentive to us and always close by whenever we needed anything. He was extremely pleasant and even joined in our discussion as to which steak doneness was preferable. Our drinks were kept filled and the check came quickly at the end of the meal - two of my big 'musts' when I go out to dinner.

The manager came to check on us twice during the course of our meal, once after I got my replacement steak and once when the check came. She was very pleasant and made sure that everything was to our liking.

I love it when I can go back to a place and find a completely different change in the service and food. I give this visit to LongHorn an A. It was truly a wonderful meal!

Service: A+
Cleanliness: A+
Food: A
Pricing: $$