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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Restaurant Review: Azteca Real

I recently discovered that one of my favorite local restaurants, Azteca Real in Davie, Florida, is actually part of a larger chain called Azteca Mexican Restaurants. Although Oregon, Washington, and Florida are currently the only states that the chain is operating in, I decided to do a review on them anyhow. Florida and the Oregon/Washington area both see a lot of tourists each year, and I wanted to personally recommend this restaurant to anyone who might be traveling through these areas.

Dining Floor of Azteca Real in Davie, FLThe restaurant is one of those places that is sitting the fence between traditional Mexican food and the more americanized tex-mex blend of food that many of us have come to love. A quick perusal of the menu reveals items that are for those who are after the usual: nachos, mexican pizza, enchiladas and tacos. But then the menu begins to get more interesting: Tacos al Pastor, Carnitas, Chicken en Mole. For those who are looking for something more authentic without veering too far from the familiar tastes, this is the place to go.
Chips and Salsa at Azteca
Pollo MexicanoWhile this restaurant isn't going to be a "cheap" one, I wouldn't complain for one second about the cost. The dinners range anywhere from around $12 to $20 a plate depending on what you get, which is more than fair considering how well they are prepared and the large amount of food you receive. I ordered the Macho Burrito a couple of weeks ago, and that was enough food for my meal, lunch the next day, and dinner the next day.

The food reheats perfectly, so if you are traveling and staying at a hotel, this meal is well worth it if your room has a fridge & microwave in it. I don't know about you, but when I stay in hotels, I always get the late-night munchies and end up reheating my leftovers at around midnight.

Combo Plate at Azteca RealThe meals start off with complimentary chips & salsa. The salsa varies from night to night depending on how it has been prepared and can be anywhere from chunky to a bit watery, and has a largely tomato taste to it. It isn't very spicy, so those that don't care for heat in their foods will be spared. For those looking to kick up the flavor, the restaurant provides the usual bottles of hot sauce to add to whatever you'd like.

Azteca Real Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon During our last visit I ordered the Pollo Mexicano, which is my favorite dish there. Many of the menu items can be served with chipotle sauce and peppers if you ask, and this is one of them. The smoky flavor of the peppers provide the perfect kick to the meal and I frequently find myself craving their rice and beans, which I love to mix into the spicy sauce. My husband orders something different nearly everytime we go there, and hasn't been able to find a favorite yet.

For those who are looker for lighter fare, or don't eat meat, they have a whole section of vegetarian options. For kids they have American food, like their surprisingly delicious chicken tenders, or Mexican food, like a quesadilla or burrito. The particular location we go to even has a small pork chop (complete with rice & beans) on their children's menu.

Azteca Real on Foodio54All in all, I have no complaints about this particular restaurant. Parking is great, the food is excellent, service is fast, wait staff is friendly. The most difficult part about going here is deciding what to get off of their huge menu. And that's a task we enjoy.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post and, as always, my opinions are purely my own.


  1. I can not believe you gave this a good review. We have been going since its opening (on request from the owners). It has gone down hill and can go no lower. The food whilst plentiful was bland and under seasoned the only thing that was not was the salsa. The fried ice cream they tried to serve me had not been fried-shame as it was a one time favourite whether in FL or Washington

    1. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience! Which restaurant did you go to? I know that for a while a particular Florida branch was receiving bad reviews since it was being held by an irresponsible franchisee, but the company took it back and things started to do better again. The location we go to is the one in Davie. I've been to a couple of different locations, but never had any bad experiences at them. The thing I like the most about the Davie location is that you can specifically ask them to prepare your food a certain way (spicier, less spicy, extra crispy, etc) and they are more than happy to. I would suggest that if you go again you bring up all of your concerns to your server before the meal, that way they can go above and beyond to make your dining experience a good one. It's funny that you said that about the salsa though, because it's the only thing I don't particularly care for. It has a good flavor, but is just too "juicy" for me to enjoy dipping chips in!