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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Next Big Step

Recently my husband and I have discussed moving across the country. The reasons are numerous, but the greatest reason is perhaps so that we can start out on our "own" in a sense. We've lived with my husband's mother for the entirety of our marriage, and while that has been very helpful for when we have faced financial difficulty, and for when I've needed help with the kids, it hasn't been very productive for our personal lives. We live in a world where we are told there is no great need to plan ahead, and so very few people actually do. Everything around us is so "instant" - instant car repair, instant divorce, instant bankruptcy. Whatever happened to looking for the places where a problem might occur and planning for that problem so that if it happened we were ready?

My husband and I never laid out a real plan for moving, we just assumed that it would happen on its own time. As the years have gone by though, we've grown uncomfortably comfortable in our living arrangement. The days when we were "saving up" to move out are just memories, and we content ourselves with the idea that we could move if we really wanted to.

But could we? I'd like to find out. I challenged my husband this morning to the thought that we could move if we wanted to, we're both just being chickens. It is a big risk, but it's the kind that is necessary for growth. I consistently remind myself that the God who sees me is the God who will care for me in my times of need, but then I have to ask myself: Is this me testing my faith, or is this me testing God?

Thoughts, comments? Has anyone else made a huge change in life where everything depended on the success of their decision? I've moved across the country twice before, but never with kids, and any advice would be immensely appreciated!

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