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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Two weeks = Smooth Feet, Thanks Eucerin!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how I was teased as a child for having dry skin. When I shared some of my story with Eucerin, they were kind enough to send me some of their product for free. I knew I didn't just want this to be one more review that people saw and then forgot about. I wanted to show everyone how truly well Eucerin products work.

I took pictures of my heels two weeks ago. They were cracked, dry, and pretty hard to look at. Definitely not the kind of feet that you want to play footsie with or show off in summer sandals. In the package I had received from Eucerin, there was a bottle of Intensive Repair Extra-Enriched Foot Creme. I decided to use this and their Daily+Strength Skin Fortifying Body Creme on my feet to see if I could really get great feet in two weeks. I picked two weeks because this is the length of time advertised on their Intensive Repair creme for seeing results.

I didn't get great feet in two weeks. I got gorgeous feet in two weeks! And during week two, my feet became so silky smooth that I couldn't believe how easy it was for me to get rid of the problem! I'd had calloused heels for as long as I could remember... and they had only gotten worse as I grew older. I had used foot files and lotion many times to try and make my feet look smooth and pretty. I'd had massages and paraffin waxes and foot baths. Nothing worked to make the problem go away. It all just made my callouses seem softer for a short time.

The Eucerin made my feet like new though. The creams healed my skin, made the cracks completely disappear, and made my feet so soft and smooth that it feels like I've got butter in my socks!

The only things I did to make my feet look this way was to apply the Intensive Repair lotion to my feet at night before putting my socks on. Then I quickly ran a small file over my callous in the mornings, no more than a minute for both feet combined. I put the Daily Strength cream on after I took my showers. It smells so good and absorbs into my skin without feeling greasy.

Here were the results.

I went from this...

              .... to this!

What a difference! I couldn't believe it. My feet actually felt so smooth by Day 4 that my husband asked me to start working on his as well. Now we both have soft feet and I am thrilled!

Now I'm heading out to buy a brand new pair of sandals. How else am I supposed to show off these awesome feet?

So what do you all think, did that Eucerin work great or what?!?


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