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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Really "Listen" to your Plants (Expired Giveaway)

Now that it's summer, I'm just itching to get outside and plant a new garden. I got my love of gardening and being outside from all the years I spent on my parents' small farm while I was growing up. We had a huge garden, and my mom planted a little bit of everything. Although my mom still gardens and loves to plant, I wouldn't say that she has a green thumb. (Sorry mom!) I remember telling my dad one year that I wanted to get mom a pot of violets for her birthday, and he promptly replied, "Don't buy an indoor plant, get something for outdoors. If God can't take care of it, your mom will kill it." It was funny and amusing then (okay so it's still funny now!), but it made me wonder if it could really be all that hard to take care of a plant indoors. I've found that (sadly), yes, it is quite possibly and all too easy to kill a favorite plant just by over-watering, under-watering, not enough nutrients in the soil, wrong nutrients in the soil... It would be so much easier if the plant could just tell you what it needs before you give it the wrong thing again!

So when I saw this product, I knew I wanted to help promote it. This is one of the coolest products I've heard of in a long time! The plant sensor sends information to you about what your plant needs and then tells you what you can do to take care of it. How cool is that? Even my mom couldn't mess this one up, and I plan to give her one of these next Christmas. A Lucky Ladybug hosted a giveaway for this product, and I got to be her co-host! The giveaway has ended, but you can still read her review at the link below! So check it out, who knows, this might be just what you've been looking for!!

"Thanks to the unique Plant Care Engine (PCE), Koubachi is able to advise you about everything your plant needs: water, fertilizer, hu­mi­di­ty, temperature and light! Koubachi not only tells you WHEN to care for your plants, but also gives you specific instructions HOW."

"Access your plants on the iPhone or Web App, always and everywhere. Notifications, advices and alarms are directly sent to you, through push-notifications on your iPhone or by e-mail. All your data, plants and settings are fully syn­chro­nized to the Koubachi Cloud and thus always up-to-date on all devices!"

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  1. I have a peace lily plant that was given at my moms funeral and it goes through wanting to live and want to expire. I don't want to lose it because she has been gone three years now and they had three of these plants, my two others sisters took a plant and theirs didn't live. It is a beautiful plant that makes a lovely flower.