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Friday, May 31, 2013

Soap as a Gift

Isn't it funny how as you grow older, family get-togethers seem to shrink little by little? When I was a girl, I remember that there were great-great aunts and third cousins and great grandparents and old friends of the family that would come to Christmas, Easter, 4th of July - whatever the occasion was. As a matter of fact, we had so many people each Christmas that we began to do something called "White Elephant Gift Giving" during our parties. All the men brought a gift for another man, all the women brought a gift for another woman. My Granny and grandpa and the other parents and grandparents in the room made sure to bring a whole slew of small gifts for the children. We would play games to decide who got to pick first, and after you got a gift (unless you were a child), you kept what you had or traded it. If you traded it in, you didn't get to see what you were trading it for, and eventually everyone ended up going home with one gift to replace the one that they had brought. (Again, except for the kids, who usually went home with a trunk-load of dollar-store toys. We kids really had it made back then and didn't even know it!)

This was how I first came to think of soap as a gift. I'm not sure who the gift-givers in the family were that were so fond of fancy little soaps, but I know that my mother would end up with a gift package almost every year after our White Elephant Christmas. Sometimes they were simply scented bars, other times they were put into little shapes. I think I even remember one year she came home with some that were cut into little bird shapes and sat in a nest - I thought they were too pretty to use.

This was ages and ages ago of course, but I still remember how sweet they smelled and how much I wanted to decorate my own bathrooms with pretty soaps when I grew up. I've always thought of soaps as a go-to present and never thought it the least odd to give soaps as a gift. I didn't realize how unique a gift it was until a couple of years ago when I gave a friend of mine a gift basket with decorative soaps and she was stunned as she exclaimed at me, "You always think of the neatest things! I never would have thought in a million years to give someone decorative soaps!" I can't remember the precise company I used at the time, but I do know that they matched her angel-themed bathroom, and she was thrilled to receive them. Now she gives soap as a gift quite frequently, and loves decorating different rooms with sculptured soaps.

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  3. Wha What!? That Triple Chocolate Sundae soap block looks like chocolate fudge...good enough to eat. I learned that this company offers some great gifts for the holidays.