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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Who's ready to go camping? (Expired Giveaway)

One of my favorite summer pastimes has definitely got to be camping. There's nothing quite like packing up and heading out to a lake for some good old fashioned fishing. When I was a kid, you couldn't get me to eat fish even if it was covered in ketchup. Fish sticks were pushing it, and tuna fish sandwiches made me scrunch up my face. I was not fond of eating fish, just catching them. As I grew older though, I learned that the way they smelled before cooking wasn't exactly going to be the way they tasted (which had been my fear from the start). I became quite fond of my Granny's fried fish, and sometimes I sit around wondering how she got the fish so very perfect. I remember they were fantastic, and they were the first fish I ever enjoyed eating.

I wish I had thought to beg to tag along more often when she and my grandpa went fishing - not just for the fried fish that came after of course - but because it would have been nice to have just a few more memories with her, regardless of all the wonderful ones I already have. She really taught me to love the simple things in life, the great outdoors, and fried fish. I hope someday I'll be able to recreate memories I had with her with my own children, and someday my grandchildren (although that is way too far ahead to be thinking about).

Thinking of camping reminds me of this item we had up for grabs in a giveaway a while back. This is a handy little outdoor kitchen that would be a great to take along on any camping trip, and I imagine that I might have one myself someday when I finally get around to buying a camping set-up of my own. Even if I don't ever get that camper, this would be awesome just to have for outdoor cook-outs. Imagine being able to prepare an entire meal for a family picnic without needing to walk back into the house a bunch of times because you forgot something, have to rinse a dish out, or need to stir a pot on the stove!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out the Grub Hub USA Camp Kitchen review from A Ladybug on the Go, visible here: (A.L.L. Review)

This giveaway may have expired, but we still have lots of currently running contests available for you to enter! Check out our link up on the Giveaways tab featuring giveaways from around the internet! (And congratulations to the Prepare 4 The Wild giveaway winner, that is an awesome camping set up!)


  1. I will use this wonderful package to take my 2 Grandson's camping at a campground here in NY or PA :) Love IT!!!

  2. We can't wait to go camping and would use this at one of our beautiful PA State parks.

  3. I didn't enter the sweepstakes, but, that is one of the neatest things i have seen in a long time! Hiking / horseback travel are my ALL TIME FAVORITE outdoor activities! I also spent a very large portion of my life on a Harley, and that!.......would be one of the greatest inventions we could have taken with us!! One of the main issues traveling on motor cycles is VERY COMPACT packing. I can see where that would have been the absolute bomb!

  4. I will definitely use this for my upcoming camping trips during the Summer.