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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

gfreely Subscription Box (Expired)

Have you wondered what the recent big fuss about gluten-free foods is? It's actually a lot worse than you might think! Gluten sounds like "glue" for a reason, because it's basically a sort of wheat glue that is added to foods for textural purposes. While it may give us a nice spongy-feel to our bread, it isn't necessary, and consumers and doctors are just now starting to see the effects of long-term gluten consumption. Bad digestive problems, allergy difficulties, even cancer can all be traced back to gluten - and that's just to name a few troubling things.

When we went to cut out gluten from our diets, we were appalled at how many of the name brand foods we ate listed gluten in the ingredients! In the time since we've switched to gluten-free, we've not only felt better, but we have had way more energy. Gluten blocks certain nutrients from being properly absorbed, which means you feel more sluggish and less able to get the stuff in your life done. Want to try some gluten-free products out before committing to a new way of eating? Check out the subscription boxes from gfreely! Not only are they full of gluten-free goodies, but it allows you to figure out which ones are to your liking before you shell out money on your next shopping trip!

Today, gfreely makes a healthy, sustainable gluten-free lifestyle simple, accessible and fun for consumers all over the world. From our monthly subscription boxes and online shop to our popular recipes and tips, we’re always on the hunt to find the best in gluten free and share it with you!

By helping you discover and purchase delicious gluten free products, the gluten free diet can be one that you will enjoy. Read more about gfreely in the Product Review by The Herban Couponer.

The giveaway for a gfreely subscription box has ended, but don't go just yet! We have lots of currently running giveaways featured on our Giveaways tab at the top of this page!


The gfreely Giveaway was hosted by: The Herban Couponer

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  1. I love that you can purchase the items directly from them that you liked, because we live an area with few grocery shopping options, and even fewer GF options.

  2. I love how the price is actually cheap considering how expensive GF food is! I learned that they have recipes on their site and they also sell a ton of single GF products.

  3. I learned that they offer a wide array of gluten free products....more than the stores in my town.

  4. I like that it is a sustainable gluten-free lifestyle simple, accessible and fun for consumers all over the world. I like to sample GF products my son likes some things and not others he can be picky and when we find something we love we buy buy buy! Having this delivered is wonderful everyone knows it can take forever going out to all the health food stores to buy GF foods. This is a wonderful gift for a person who eats GF. My son has Celiac's disease so it is not a choice for him.