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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oh my poor color-blind husband...

Last night as my husband was going over preparations for a big job interview he has today, he asked my opinion on some "gray" pants he was thinking of wearing.

"Sweetie," I told him, "For the last time, those pants are green."

"They are not green," he said, "They're gray, they're just a lighter gray."

This led to a frequent discussion we've had over the past few years regarding the fact that my husband might be color-blind.

"Well," he finally stated, "Maybe you're the one that's color-blind."

Of course, I decided then and there that I would prove him wrong. I knew I wasn't color-blind, and he most certainly was. How very color-blind he actually turned out to be, even I never would have guessed.

I had thought that at most my husband perhaps had a slight deficiency when it came to seeing the difference between the colors gray and green. I was shocked to find that he was only able to get 2 out of 15 plates right in the video below! I could see the difference between all of the colors quite easily, and never even had to strain to discern any of the numbers. He told me several times that there was nothing to see on a few of the plates, and I couldn't understand how he could have gone this long without knowing that he was colorblind!

So what about you guys? I linked the same video that my husband used to test out if he was color-blind, check it out and see if you've been looking at the world with a color-deficiency. After reading the YouTube comments under the video, it definitely looks like a lot of people are shocked when they realize they can't see certain colors! I'm not certain how "official" the test is, but the sheer fact that I could see all the numbers while he could only see two of them definitely seems to prove that there is something to it.

And as a side note, now that I know how color-blind he is, I don't feel like rubbing it in anymore. Poor guy!

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