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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics Review

Goody Ouchless Ribbon Ties ReviewDuring the summer of 2013, I went home to visit my family and I had a blast. However, between eating a bunch of fried food at the fair, taste-testing my mom and my grandma's home-cooking, and spending a big chunk of my time sitting on the couch watching movies with my siblings... I put on a teensy bit of weight. (Only like. you know... twenty pounds. Teensy.)

I finally decided I'd had enough of my lazy summer days and busted out my running clothes. I decided a jogging session seemed like a pretty good way to test out the Goody hair ribbons I'd received in a recent VoxBox from Influenster. (I received the box for free in exchange for my opinion, but this review is completely my own.)

I really hate it when I'm taking a jog and my hair starts to come apart. Not only does the movement of a bouncy ponytail against my head really annoy me, but when you jog and your hair is bouncing around behind your head, all those little tugs can make your head sore.

Am I Done Yet? Please let me be done.

As I ran like the wind (ha, ha) I was pleased to see that my ponytail didn't begin to sag or fall down.

I finished my jog (after what seemed like foreeeever) and I was glad when I got back to the house and my hair still looked pretty much the same as when I'd headed out the door. (Well, you know, besides the halo-o-frizz around my head.)

And Now For Something Girly...

Now that I knew these cute little hair ribbons were pretty darn sturdy, I wanted to do something stylish with them.

First I scrounged around the internet until I found a hairstyle I wanted to try. I couldn't find a video of exactly what I wanted, so my sister and I just fiddled with my hair until we had it right.

Finally, I'm A Bootiful Butterfly.

All we did was twist both sides of my hair into itself, but instead of making the ends meet in the middle, she made them meet on the side and then tied the remaining hair into a ponytail. Here was the end result:

Double Braid Hairstyle with Goody Ribbon Ouchless Hair Ties

You Can Take the Girl Out of the Country...

I added my cowgirl hat, and 'tadaa!' - just the look I wanted. I have country roots that go a mile deep, and although I don't think I'd wear a real ribbon in my hair anymore, these hair-ties gave my braid a ribbon-y effect that is just right for me.

Cowgirl Hairstyle using Goody Ouchless Hair Ribbons


Want to snag some of these cute little hair ties for yourself? You can visit Goody's website at www.goody.com! Or, connect with them via social media on Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook.

Have you used any ribbon ties? What brand makes your favorite?
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