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Friday, August 9, 2013

My #Review of the #BBcream from the Olay @FreshEffects Line

So, I've never been that big a fan of moisturizer, partly because it is one more thing for me to buy, and partly because I'm always afraid that I'm going to break out. (And really, isn't that like the number one reason we ladies don't put more balms and lotions and whatever else on our faces?)

Because of this, I kind of got skipped over by the whole "BB Cream" phase, and wasn't even sure what it was until recently. I was chosen by Influenster to receive a free bottle of this as part of their Sunkissed VoxBox promotion for summer. Unfortunately, I didn't get to use it until just recently since my box didn't arrive at my house until after I left for another state on a half-emergency, half-vacation trip to see my family. I kept thinking that I would be home any day. Any day. But as it turned out, my return trip kept getting postponed, and I finally just had my brother-in-law send it to me! Between travel prep to go back home and all the crazy stuff that's been going on here, I am just now getting to it. Better late than never though, so here's what I thought. Remember folks, I got it for free to give my opinion, and that's what you're gonna get. To see more about my disclosure policy, check out the tab at the top of this page!

First off, BB Cream - what is it? "BB" stands for Beauty Balm. Not only does it contain a moisturizer for your face, but it also provides tint that will cover up blemishes and even your skin tone. They provide a good foundation for any make-up you want to wear and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. The type I got to try out is from Olay Fresh Effects, and they claim to be a six-in-one solution that refreshes, brightens, evens tone, hydrates, smoothes, and protects.

After I found that out, the product seemed to make a lot more sense to me. I try to use a lot of 2-in-1 products just to keep myself from having to buy one more item - because these types of creams claim to do four, five, even six of the jobs a regular beauty regimen might contain, that makes them a really great steal. Well, that is... if they work.

So do they work? Well, I'll be perfectly honest - I'm not 100% positive. My problem is that my skin tone is already pretty even, and I don't usually wear make-up. Oh sure, I have blemishes. Some days I have enough little red bumps on my face that I could probably create a dot-to-dot picture. But when I held the pictures of my face before and after side by side, I couldn't really see a difference as far as a change in my complexion. Because I rarely use foundation, this wouldn't be all that helpful to me in replacing my current foundation. Like I said, I don't wear a lot of make-up, and who needs foundation if you aren't even going to wear make-up?

I do however, get incredibly dry skin on my face from time to time. And although I like to brag that I never sunburn because I have some Native American in me, it's just not true. I also have some Irish and French in me and although it is rare, I do tend to sunburn on my face. This is usually followed by freckles (which my husband snickers at) and a peeling nose (which leads to even worse dry skin). Have you ever tried to put make-up on to cover a peeling nose? It sort of just turns into a great big mess. This is why I try to avoid getting sun on my face unless I have a sunscreen on.

So if I'm going to put something on my face that this BB Cream would be replacing, it would definitely be the moisturizer and sunscreen combined. I use both of those, although I will admit that I use moisturizer very sparingly. Although my skin is dry, it seems to break out quite easily, and so I usually don't have a fair idea as to whether I'm breaking out from a particular product or just because my skin felt like breaking out that day.

So far, I haven't had any break-outs since I put on the BB Cream (always a good starting sign), and I feel like my face is much softer than usual.

At first the BB Cream felt a bit heavy. I don't attribute this to the actual heaviness of the product. It seems to be quite light actually, but because I'm so unused to wearing a moisturizer over my entire face, it was a bit obvious at first. Now I can't even tell I have it on.

Also, it smells great, but doesn't taste so well, an unfortunate fact I found out when I accidentally licked my lips. (Oops.) So try not to smear any across your pretty red kissers, or the man of your life may have a funny look on his face the next time he gives you a smooch.

A quick internet search will show you that this product costs around $12.99 to purchase, and is available in two different shades (fair/light and light/medium). To me, that already boasts of a good deal, considering that a product solely for sunscreen that is the same amount of SPF will cost you the same, or more, to purchase. So if you need it for sunscreen plus one other thing (any other thing really), you are already getting your money back. For me, the sunscreen that I purchase for my face is $19.99. The moisturizer that I purchase is around $20. So at 12.99, it's really a steal doing double duty. And because I only have to put one product on my face, instead of two (or more), it decreases the risk that I'll break out.

So is it for everyone? That depends. If you're already using one or more products on your face per day, and the BB Cream claims to help, you should give it a try and see if you can't reduce your beauty regimen. If you're like me however, and don't do a whole lot with your face to pretty it up before you head out on the town, you might want to wait a bit. Decide if you're really going to use the item if you buy it, look for coupons, ask for a sample. That way, if you decide against it, you aren't out the entire purchase amount. As for me, I believe that this is something I will get some use out of. Is it going to be a product I use every day? Probably not. But on the days that I do use it I know I'm going to get some protection for my dry face that won't make me feel like I'm wearing a mask of make-up, or a heavy coat of lotion. And that's pretty good in my book.

Want to buy some BB Cream from Olay Fresh Effects to try out for yourself? You can check them out at their site to find the cream in a store near you, or head over to Amazon to purchase at this link.

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