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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Safety Net for Bedwetting - GoodNites Underwear Review

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As some of my readers may know, I went to visit my parents for the summer. I had a blast, and because my parents were a bit short on space (my sister-in-law was visiting with her kids too), I slept on a make-shift bed on the floor. I didn't mind this since it was like having a slumber party every night with my kids & my younger siblings. Some nights we had four or five of us camped out in the living room, and we had a blast!
There was one little problem though... I was sharing this make-shift bed with my three-year-old, who only finished potty-training a few months ago. It wasn't long before I met with my first (wet) night-time surprise. My son had wet his bed before at home (not a pleasant experience regardless of where you are), but he had never wet my bed before. Let me tell you, there is a big difference between changing your kid's sheets and going back to bed and having to change the sheets and then take a shower. After the shower, you're pretty much awake, which means you are completely zoned out the next day.

After the second time this happened, I was setting alarms every three hours just to make sure that I took him to the toilet frequently throughout the night. Again, this made for a very tired mommy the next day, and it wasn't much fun for my little guy to wake up so often either.

Thankfully (I just love it when things work out like this), I had been contacted by one of the reps over at SocialSpark about possibly working with them on a campaign they had going. The rep asked if I would like to try out some GoodNites Underwear made especially to help with the problem of night-time wetting. Oh boy did I ever want to try them!
When I first looked at the underwear in the package, I thought they seemed like they might be a little big for my son. However, after putting them on him, they fit just right and he really enjoyed them. He was so excited the first time he woke up without wet bedsheets even though he'd had a small accident in the night! The GoodNites came with cool designs to make them look more like everyday underwear, and they pulled up just like a pair of underwear too. My son liked the designs so well that he started picking out his "fravrites" from the package each night. The GoodNites Underwear are thin enough to look like your child is wearing regular underwear underneath, but padded enough that any accidents won't leak through to the bed or your child's clothes. Even in the photo below, you can see that there is no "fringe" like a typical diaper has to poke up past the clothing.

We didn't need the GoodNites Underwear every night, but on the nights that we needed them, I was so glad that my son was wearing them! It's much better to be safe than sorry, and we were especially happy to not need to wake up in the middle of the night!

On the nights that my son did have an accident, sometimes he woke me up to change him, and sometimes he didn't. On the nights that he didn't wake me up, I was pleased to see that the underwear was absorbent enough that his skin didn't have any rash in the morning - my little guy has sensitive skin, so diaper rash was always an issue with us when he was a baby.

I would completely recommend the GoodNites Underwear to anyone that is dealing with night-time bedwetting. These underwear are very discreet, but your child may love them enough (like mine did) to quite loudly insist in front of everyone that it is time for the "night underpants". These are great to keep your child on track for becoming potty-trained and help to alleviate the concern that a child will want to revert back to diapers at night. The only thing that would give me pause would be if you are putting these on an older child for a sleepover. They had a slight rustling noise when my little guy was running around (which could have been due to the looseness of my son's pajamas), so I would suggest buying a package and testing them out prior to taking them into a social situation.

And the true test of what I thought of them? When I ran out, I bought more, and I'll keep buying them until my little guy doesn't need them anymore. These keep him dry at night, help me (and him) to get more sleep, and allow him a little safety net without giving up the freedom and confidence of getting to wear undies at night.

Want to snag a package of these for your own? Check out these awesome night-time undies at the GoodNites Facebook page or go to the GoodNites website for special offers and information on where to buy.

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