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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Greatest Tailgate Item Ever?

Been to any great football parties lately? Growing up, I can remember my uncles clustered around the TV down at my grandpa's house, loudly shouting at their teams to "get a move on!" As a matter of fact, I can't think of one of these gatherings without recalling the sound of a ref's call echoing in the microphone, the smell of the home-cooked food set out in the kitchen, and the feel of being warm & cozy inside while the crisp autumn air waited just outside the door.

When I was younger, these parties were something I looked forward to not just for the food & family, but because there is something comforting about having a football tradition. If you live up north like I did, football probably brings up memories of older male relatives standing in the cold with a beer in their hand and a grill fork in the other. Recollections of scarves, sweaters, and blankets are most likely right behind. And although we northerners have to live through just about every football season in a climate a bit chillier than the rest of the US, that doesn't stop us from throwing some of the most awesome tailgate parties ever.

Now I'm not saying that the northerners definitely throw a better party, but I can tell you one thing for certain: a blogger friend of mine up in good ol' Michigan has a portable bar from Best of Times, and it might just be the best tailgating item ever.

This bar may not seem like much from the picture since it's just a standard black set-up, but would you believe that not only is it sturdy and transportable, but the entire display can be customized with your favorite sports team? And I'm not just talking about football - they have standard NASCAR and NCAA designs as well. If you're looking for something really different, they can offer you a custom design! Top it off with the huge 6 foot umbrella that comes with it and you'll be the life of the party whether you are on your patio, a tailgate party, or a friend's place. This is truly an awesome setup, and if I can convince my husband to pick a design that isn't for a Florida team, we might just get one. (Hey, we're movin' to Indiana eventually, and I don't want my cousins giving me a hard time!)

I found out about this item when my blogging friend received one to review and did a giveaway on her website. Because I was part of the blogging group that promoted the giveaway, Best of Times was nice enough to set me up with a affiliate code! This means you get a discount when you place an order with Best of Times and I get a percentage of the sales. (Yay for me! Oh, and you. Yay, discount!) For more information on my disclosure policy, please see the tab titled 'Let me disclose to you'.

Click here to check out what Best of Times has to offer, and don't forget to use the code MASTEROFMOM at the checkout to get a 15% discount!

(The giveaway that was associated with this post has expired, please check out our giveaways tab for a list of available contests!)