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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#SinfulShine Nail Polish Review

I spent the summer with my family back home, and the very first week I was there my sister mentioned that she would give me a pedicure. She isn't a professional, but cosmetology-type things just happen to be one of those things that she is naturally good at. When I saw that I had received a free bottle of SinfulShine nail polish in my Sunkissed VoxBox from Influenster, I took it as the perfect moment to remind her of our plans. I received the bottle for free in exchange for my opinion, something I love to give. If you want to read more on my disclosure policy, please click the Let Me Disclose To You tab at the top of this page. Now on to the review!

The polish I was given has something called Gel Tech™ in it. My sister was a bit doubtful as to the claims that it was "5x shinier than a patent leather shoe", and so was I.

After a lovely foot soak and lotion, she began carefully applying the nail polish. At first she commented that it wasn't quite as dense as she'd like it to be, and that the result after the first coat seemed transparent. She finished the first coats on both feet, and (after they dried) applied the second. When she sat back to survey her handiwork she told me that she had been wrong about the density.

"I think I wiped too much off onto the side of the bottle the first time," she told me, pointing at my feet, "The gel stuff that is in there made is seem really thick, so I was only putting on a thin coat, which made it seem transparent. The second time I didn't wipe as much off because you mentioned that it was supposed to be a gel, and the second foot looks much better."

Perfectionist that she is, she quickly put a bit more polish on my "offending" toe nails, and her work was complete. We inspected my toes, trying to decide if they were really more shiny than a patent leather shoe.

"I don't know," she finally told me, "Why don't you go find one?"

So that's just what I did. And my polish job did look shiner than the shoe. You can see here in the picture for yourself. Is it 5x shiner though? I really don't have a clue. Unfortunately, being only a blogger, I have to guesstimate at what 5x shinier would look like, and I'm not really certain. I don't think I have the tools to measure something like that. If we're just talking about shinier though, that I can give a thumbs up to.

As far as colors go, they have quite the selection of eye-popping shades. As a matter of fact, my sister already had several in her arsenal of nail-polishes. None of them had the Gel Tech but they were certainly catchy. My littlest sisters and I even made a trip out to Walgreen's to peruse the selection (which is where you can find the SinfulShine polishes). Here they are posing with the display like little up and coming game show hostesses. What I loved best about the display? The 2 for $3 sale sign next to it. $1.50 for a bottle of nail polish is what I call a steal.

So there you have it. Shiny? Check. Shinier than a patent leather shoe? Double check. Good price? Absolutely. Amazing display of colors? Definitely. This polish made my nails stand out and look great. I loved the color and how the end-result looked just like a salon-job.

Interested in grabbing some of this polish for yourself? Check out Walgreen's website for details!

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