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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ageless Derma Satin Lip Gloss Review

I've always had dry skin, and unfortunately it doesn't just apply to trouble areas like my hands, feet, and elbows! One of the biggest areas I have trouble with is actually my face. If I moisturize it too much, I break out; moisturize it too little, my make-up appears flaky and patchy. Top that off with the fact that my lips can get so parched that they crack, and I'm not exactly looking at my best when my skin is dried out.

I was pleased when I was offered the opportunity to try out the Satin Lip Gloss from Ageless Derma - a company that specializes in revitalizing the skin to keep it looking young and healthy. I received a complimentary lip gloss from them in exchange for providing my honest opinion about their product. For more information on my disclosure policy, please see the tab at the top of this page entitled "Let me disclose to you".

First off, let's talk a little about the company. I hadn't heard of Ageless Derma before and (as usual when I'm receiving a new product) I was curious about their background. Ageless Derma was created by Dr. Mostamand in his search for an effective skincare product. He had actually founded a health center focused on bringing physician-grade skin care to women who were trying to recreate their healthy and youthful skin. In his quest to make sure that the clients frequenting his medical spa were receiving the best treatment available, his team found out not only why some skin care products didn't work the way they should, but how to create a line that would work as intended. This doesn't mean that the products from Ageless Derma are packed full of chemicals though - on the contrary, Dr. Mostamand seems to be pulling the best out of nature and putting it into his products in such a way that they are beneficial to the skin. For instance, the lip gloss that I was sent contains goodies such as aloe vera, green tea extract, and natural oils meant to moisturize and smooth.

This was all great to know prior to trying out the gloss, and when I got home from my summer stay at my mom & dad's house, I was pretty pumped to put some on and have my husband take me out on a date.

One problem though.

I couldn't find it.

Seriously! I searched the house everywhere and it was no where to be found. I couldn't even find a trace of the original packaging - and I knew that the gloss had arrived, I had been on the phone with my husband when the mailman handed him the package!

Eventually, I did find it, but only after I'd stopped looking. And where did I find my super-special-all-the-way-from-California-gloss? It was in my mother-in-law's room on her dresser. She had seen it, thought the color was nice, and started using it without me! (And apparently she liked it, because she didn't return it.)

I did finally get to try it though, and I think it's great. I found it at just the right time too - my skin has been especially dry the past few weeks and my lips were starting to look like leather. I actually took the time to check out my usual lip gloss and see if there were any fancy, revitalizing ingredients in them. The answer to that was a definite 'no'. Although I won't mention the name of my previous gloss - I will say that the only "moisturizing" ingredient that both glosses contained was Jojoba Oil. The rest of the ingredients in my other gloss were chemical-sounding names that weren't anything I was too excited about putting on my lips. I was glad that I had the Ageless Derma gloss to use, and I have been using it for about two weeks now. The difference is noticeable. In this picture below, you can see my lips on the first test day, right before I started to use the Ageless Derma lip gloss. The After picture is me wearing the gloss, and not only does the color give my lips a nice shade, but you can tell that they are softer. The last picture is what my lips look like now, even when I'm not wearing the gloss. Pretty nice right? They look a lot smoother and prettier than they did before I started using the Ageless Derma gloss.

My lips (without gloss) after using Ageless Derma.

My recommendation? First, assess your skin situation. Are you in need of a bit of extra moisture, revitalization, smoothing, or just over-all healthy-looking skin? (This is the part where you say yes.) Then I think you should take a look at the Ageless Derma site and see what they have to offer. I've actually got my eye on some of the cream they offer containing Swiss Apple (I've got a big wrinkle trying to make it's debut in the middle of my forehead), and I wouldn't mind having some of the Vitamin K cream for my eternal under-eye circles. Sound like something you'd be interested in? Check out Ageless Derma at their website at www.agelessderma.com. Or, you can connect with them through social media on their Facebook page or by following @Ageless Derma on Twitter!

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