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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Things to Do in South Florida: Mini-Review of Milani Gelateria

Milani Gelateria on Foodio54Recently I was given the opportunity to go on a food tour, courtesy of Miami Culinary Tours, through the South Beach area.

At the end of our night, we went strolling down Espanola Way to wind up at the Milani Gelateria. Although I had tasted gelato before, I've only had it in little cartons I'd purchased from the grocery store. Since I know that eating ice cream at an ice cream parlor is infinitely better than the ice cream I usually buy in the carton at the grocery, I was really excited to try authentic gelato. They are very committed to a quality product, and (as I understood it) some of their ingredients even come all the way from Italy!

I ordered the lemon, and my husband ordered the chocolate. Usually I would have gotten chocolate as well, but this is gelato, not ice cream, and there is a big difference. Plus, it was hot out, and the air conditioning was broken in the gelateria that night, making it even hotter in their building than it was out on the street. I needed something tart and sweet and cold, and lemon fit the bill. The chocolate my husband had was creamy, and delicious. And if I had been in a chocolate-mood that night, I can't think of anything that would have hit the spot more. As it was, my husband was in more of a lemon mood than he thought too, either that, or the lemon there is really spectacular. It was tart, but not too tart, with a sweet aftertaste that left my palate feeling clean (and a bit cold).

After a few minutes my husband stopped stealing tastes of my gelato and went in to buy a cup of it, complete with a tiny cone as an adornment. I snatched up the tiny cone and filled it with the lemon gelato, and between the two of us we devoured the cup in mere minutes. Unfortunately, it was so good, I don't even have a picture of it to show in my blog - we ate it that fast. Just imagine it though: it was pale lemony goodness, swirled around with a thin crispy wafer cone. Deliciousness.

I'm so glad that I was able to taste this on the food tour. There are so many great restaurants in Miami, and even if I had a million dollars, it'd be impossible to try all the awesome food out there. It was a real treat to be able to go on the sampling tour with Miami Culinary Tours. You can check out more about my trip here, or click here to go to Miami Culinary Tour's website to see how you can go on a food tour through Miami! You can also connect with them through social media on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, or Flickr. Happy dining!

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