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Monday, September 23, 2013

Website Review: Mommypolls.com

So, a few months ago I got sent an email from Bloggy Moms to check out this website called mommypolls.com. It wasn't on the top of my to-do list (because my to-do list is a million miles long) but just this week I had a chance to check it out. I've been stuck in bed a lot lately because I've been sick, so I've been trying to do stuff that I can manage without leaving my room! So when I started cleaning out my email inbox today, I wandered onto the Bloggy Moms email and decided that it would be fun to take a break and poke around the site!

Right away I found the site to be clean and inviting. There were lots of polls right on the front page, just tempting me to put my two cents in. But what's even better than that? I found out they give you points for telling everyone what you think! And those points can in turn be used to redeem things like gift certificates. In other words... your two cents' worth is really getting you two cents. Not bad, if you ask me!

So how does it work? You head over to the site and find an area you know a little somethin' about. Don't try to make up answers, trying to fake your way through will only lead to losing points! When you find a category that suits your knowledge, vote & comment away! Your responses will give you points, and the more involved you get with your answers, the more points you're going to receive.

Are you a new mom that doesn't feel comfortable answering mommy questions just yet? That's okay, you're still able to get a lot of points with the Mommy Polls system! If you don't feel comfortable answering questions or giving advice, maybe you have a few mom-questions of your own that you'd like a little insight on. Asking questions on the site will also get you points, which in turn build up your score. Of course, the site isn't just about what sort of monetary gain you can receive - that's just a bonus - what's really important is that some great mommy knowledge is being passed around!

When you first sign into the site, a good way to begin is by going to your page. Do you have a poll to post, a question to ask, or an article that you'd like to share with the mommypolls.com community? This is a great place to do so. And mom bloggers, you should definitely make sure to check out the article option! What better way to reach the very audience that you are looking for than to link a mom-article on a platform that is attracting moms from around the world!?

After you've posted your poll, article, or question, you are able to see how many people are following your post and interact with the comments that they leave. Visiting the My Page section will always take you back to an overview of your interactions on the website.

I found that when you start to answer some of these polls, it can be very hard to get away from the site! Everytime you answer a question or take a poll, there's another poll or question you see that would be fun to answer! My one down-side to this service is that it is nearly as addicting as Facebook. It also seems to load a bit slowly after you comment on a poll. (That could be my computer, or it could be because the website is still in the Beta version.) I came away with 290 points after looking around the site for a while, not bad considering that I was multi-tasking and tabbing back and forth to the site!

My final recommendation on the site? I think it's great! I would keep it in mind for if you're trying to kill a few minutes of spare time, looking to get some insight on a mom-question, or just looking to spread a little knowledge. It can be a bit of a pain to wait around for things to load, so try to do this "in between tabs", in other words, hop around the site a little, check out some other things, then head back to the site. Hopefully soon they will be out of the Beta version and this will be a great go-to site for moms everywhere. I love the idea, and I'm looking forward to spending more time there!

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