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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Activity Review: Family Golfing at the PGA Village

If you have kids, you know how hard it can be to go on a family vacation. First you have to figure out who wants to do what, then you have to figure out if it's even going to be feasible for everyone to be involved. If you have younger kids, it's even harder because someone might have to stay behind to keep an eye on them if the activity is only for older children!

Recently I was given the opportunity to review the facilities at PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, Florida. My stay there was complimentary since I went as a Superoo on behalf of this awesome travel site I'm a part of called Trekaroo. Although my stay and some of my activities there were free, please know that, as always, my words and opinions are 100% my own! For more information on my disclosure policy, please see the tab titled 'Let me disclose to you'.

(To find out how you can have your own travel fun with Trekaroo, please check out their website at www.trekaroo.com.)

As part of our stay, we were able to participate in a family golf lesson that allowed us to involve our entire family. Our daughter (who is less than a year old) wasn't able to play of course, but we were able to bring her onto the course with us. The director there, Holly Taylor, even told me that she used to take her baby out onto the course by strapping a car-seat into the golf-cart with bungee cords! (For more on my general review of the PGA Village, please click here.)

With our daughter ensconced in her stroller and my son eagerly twirling around the grass, our instructor Ryan began to tell us a little about the course, and how they really try hard to get kids interested in golfing. We could really tell that Ryan spent a lot of time around kids and was a real pro at teaching them the game - not only did he immediately get our three-year-old to respect the rules of golf-safety, but he got down on eye-level with him to talk. As a mother, that impressed me more than I can say. Lots of people are good with kids, but very few will actually take a knee to talk to a toddler at their level. My son listened to him right off the bat - and although he wasn't a star pupil or the next Tiger Woods, he had a lot of fun.

After our son had tired of playing for a while, he sat down to watch mommy and daddy play. I was a bit nervous about how I would play, and our instructor was quick to work with us on our posture and explain why it was so important to stay relaxed. We learned a lot about how to properly hold the club, how to get distance, how to follow through, and how to keep our swing straight.

My husband never thought he would be interested in golfing, but after our lesson he came away with a new perspective. Not only does he think of golfing as a fun activity now, but he realizes that he doesn't have to be a pro, buy a new outfit, or be country-club rich to enjoy the game.

Our lesson was completed with Ryan reminding us that we could swing by their 6-hole short course for a free game. That's right, free. They even have clubs available for people to borrow at the bag drop!

We were a bit sore after our lesson (it turns out golfing is good exercise!) and more than happy to head back to our conveniently located hotel. A dinner at the golf-themed restaurant on-site completed our awesome day together as a family. (Click here for a further review of the hotel, and here for one of the restaurant.)

To find out more about the PGA Village, their properties, and all the fun they have to offer, check out their website at www.pgavillage.com. Or, you can connect with them through social media on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

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