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Friday, November 1, 2013

My Holiday Wish List

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This year, my wish list will be a little bit different than most years. We've been strapped for cash because my husband hasn't been able to find full-time employment, and we're saving most of our money for in case we move. Each month, we have just barely been able to meet our bills without dipping into that savings. Unfortunately, although we both work very hard, his part-time job doesn't provide him with many hours, and bloggers usually get paid in 'stuff' rather than money. As a mommy, I also get paid in sticky kisses, but I'm pretty sure if I tried to pay my credit card that way I'd get a restraining order! And yes, I have credit card debt. Way more than I'm proud of. I haven't used one in months (and plan to keep it that way) but the damage has already been done.

Even bigger than our money struggle is the decision we've been toying with regarding making a cross-country move or staying here in Florida. If only we could look ahead to see what the future holds down each path! We've been trying to decide this for over a year now, and with the recent discovery that my grandfather has cancer, the push to 'go back home' seems stronger than ever. The only thing holding us back is the fact that we are afraid. If my husband can't get full-time work here, how is he going to get full-time work in Indiana, where the unemployment rate is even higher than the area we live now? We have spent hours praying and trying to find a solution, but so far we haven't had the 'light-bulb' moment where we so clearly see what we are meant to do.

That's why for this Christmas, my husband and I are going to keep it simple. We aren't certain where we'll be when the holiday season rolls around, and we don't know if we'll have the money to give our son the toys he wants. The 'wishes' on my list are for my family to go to the midnight service at church together, to have a nice meal where we all sit and talk together, to have time to hand-make presents for everyone on my gift list, for my husband and I to spend a day helping the needy (to remind us of all we have), and for God to help our family through their illnesses - even if that means peacefully accepting our ailments as part of 'the big plan'.

I know that I'm not the only one out there who is suffering from money problems or struggling with big decisions this year. I know that there are so many people out there who are going through difficulties that make mine look trifling, and I'm thankful for all that I do have. I'm grateful for the opportunities I receive as a blogger, and I'm genuinely happy that I joined up as a promoter for this giveaway because that means one of my awesome readers could be the winner! We could all use a little extra in this economy and I'm sure that a prize like this will be a Christmas Miracle for one special family!

Please pass the news of this giveaway along to your friends and loved ones so that they can also have a chance at this prize. And from my family to yours...

Have a very merry Christmas this year!

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  1. My son would love the Vtech GO Go Smart toy!

  2. Of course I have to pick ZOOMER!

  3. The nerf rebel heartbreaker looks pretty cool, my son doesn't have a bow and arrow as cool as that.. just a dollar store one..

  4. of facebook 3 the link opens up and says error 403 forbidden. Thanks for the chance to win something much needed!

    1. Thanks Candace! I will let the host know right away!

  5. The Vtech Go Go, their toys are always high quality!

  6. Barbie dream house and the flutterbye flying fairy