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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Princess London's TuTu Boutique - Handmade Items for Your 'Little Princess'!

A couple of months ago I was contacted by the awesome woman behind Princess London's TuTu Boutique to see if I wanted to do a review of a couple of her items. I was thrilled, and she was good enough to provide me with a tutu dress and matching headband so that I could do this review. Please know that although I received those items for free, my opinion is completely my own. (For more on my disclosure policy, please see the tab at the top of this page titled 'Let me disclose to you'.)

There are a lot of great mommy-start-ups out there providing clothes, gadgets and toys for our little ones. I mean a lot. That means that we, as parents, get a lot of variety and a lot of great deals, but it also means that we are going to be inundated with more than we can handle, and possibly miss out on some of the cooler items. Hopefully though, a good chunk of you out there will be able to add a new 'cool' company to your must-shop list after seeing this review!

Although I'd never personally heard of Princess London's TuTus before, I was pleasantly surprised after asking around to see that I had a couple of friends who had heard of them! Not only did they love the handmade items for the cuteness factor, but they told me the quality was incredible. I usually try to remain a bit cynical until I have seen an item for myself, but in this case, my friends were (if anything) under-selling these adorably made tutus.

The company makes a variety of tutus or tutu related items for sizes anywhere from a new baby to a girl's size 6, and they allow you to custom-create a color-combo if you don't find a standard one that you prefer! When placing my order, I chose custom colors for my little lady. I've always adored bright pinks on baby girls, so that's what I asked for. My favorite colors to pair it with are usually white - or silver - and since I wanted this to be something my sweet-pea could wear for a while, I asked for white to go with it.

Within just a week or so I had received a beautiful dress in the mail, complete with the matching headband to go with it. (Note: you can buy just a tutu without the top attached, so you can pair it with just about anything!!)

I was super pleased to see that the flowers weren't actually sewn into the dress or headband, but cleverly attached with a barrette pin, which allows me to reposition them whenever I want. This comes in especially handy if you are taking pictures, and suddenly decide that you want to switch the flower from the left to the right, because you can change the look without messing up a nice hair-do! (Or in my case, without reminding the baby that she's wearing a headband that she could possibly decide to start pulling off!!)

The dress was cleverly sewn together, and the quality was excellent. I have no worries or fears that this is going to come apart or unravel, and contrary to it's delicate appearance, it is really quite sturdy! Now that my daughter has had it for a while, I no longer worry about crushing the tutu portion (it always fluffs back up) and I have no qualms about tugging the ribbon up to tie it around my daughter's neck (there is no chance I'm going to break the knitting).

What do I wish I could change about it? Well, nothing! That's actually a disappointment to me, because I usually like to find at least a tiny negative to write about, otherwise, where's my customer feedback? In this case, there is just nothing to change - it's incredible! I was able to perfectly customize the outfit, it came quickly, it looks fantastic, the quality is superb... I guess my one upset is the fact that my daughter will eventually grow out of it! And even then - because I got this dress for my daughter when she was quite small, she'll be able to use it as a doll dress, she can use the detachable flowers as hair barrettes, and the headband will still be useable for quite a while! What's to complain about? Nothing!

This item is deserving of special placement in the world of handmade children's items, and that's why I'm putting it on my list of mommy-must-haves.

Ready to connect with Princess London's Tutu Boutique? You can find them on their website at www.princesslondonstutus.com! Then head over to connect with them on Facebook or Pinterest to see the great deals, giveaways, and new looks that they're continually coming out with!

Hey there's more! You can enter the coupon code MOM2013 for a 25% discount when you check-out at the boutique's online register.