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Saturday, December 21, 2013

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Where do you stand on the Duck Dynasty controversy?

I'll tell you where I stand: I stand with Phil.

Unfortunately, many people who announce that they stand with him or believe the same as him have been met with an onslaught of disrespectful, rude, and often ignorant comments. They have been called homophobes, they have been called unintelligent. They have been called haters, rednecks, intolerant bigots, and worse.

However, to imply that all these people have homophobia is to imply that they have psychological disorders, which I assure you they all do not. If that was how we diagnosed issues of psychosis, I suppose my dislike of wasting electricity would mean that I had electrophobia.

And those standing with Phil are also not haters, intolerant, or bigots. I have folks in my own family who are gay, and to be perfectly honest I love and care for them very much. I don't always agree with them (as a matter of fact we have a lot of mundane Obama-related arguments!), but that doesn't matter. So there goes the hater argument. I'm also not intolerant. In fact, if the truth is known, I'm probably a bit more tolerant than I should be, on many issues. The reason behind this is that I know of my own shortfalls and I realize that I have been given a lot of tolerance and leeway over the years, and I appreciated it. Being tolerant of someone merely means that while you don't want to live like them, or may not completely agree with them, you are going to allow them to continue with their life peacefully. To be intolerant you must be actively taking action to destroy or disallow their ability to live the way they want. Have you heard of zero-tolerance policies? If people had zero-tolerance on this subject, believe me, the world over would know. So this cannot be an issue of tolerance. As for bigotry, let's turn to the dictionary: Bigotry is defined as an intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.  And because we are not actively trying to destroy anyone, or their way of life for that matter, I can't see how we could be labeled bigots. (Although it does seem like those who are calling for the punishment of Phil Robertson for speaking his opinion are acting like bigots themselves!)

So what am I? Well, although this deviates a bit from my main point, I'm just gonna put it out there: I'm a Christian. I'm a God-fearing, people-loving Christian. This means that I believe in the Bible and what it teaches, and it's my right as a human being to do so. On that same note, because I believe the teachings of the Bible, it also means that I believe in not judging others for their actions and in loving them no matter what they do. I don't always succeed of course. Many people will point to Christians who have fallen short of the mark and hold them up high as examples of what Christianity "really" looks like. I think this is shameful and a bit underhanded since those same people would never want their worst moments to be put on display as the standard for their behavior. Being a Christian does NOT mean that I am perfect. It does NOT mean that I will always behave the way that I should and it certainly does NOT mean that I am done learning how to be a good Christian. There will always be room for improvement.

If I could ask one thing of everyone during this controversy that has arisen, it is to make your true feelings known to the world on this subject, regardless of which stance you take or what point you look at it from (and there are many different talking points on this, whether you are Christian, gay, atheist, or anything else). Phil took a stand and told the world what he believed without reserve - not because he thought it was a politically correct move, but because he was asked how he believed on the subject and he responded with an answer that is based on his Christian faith. For that simple action, he has been attacked by the leaders of the LGBT community. Too many Christians have turned to political correctness to address big issues like this instead of just giving a simple answer, and that is why it has gotten to the point that it is shocking for some people to hear a Christian tell-it the way they believe it.

Despite all of the pressures and laws in place to keep this country "tolerant", it is glaringly obvious that we have come to a large fork in the road. Despite the fact that A&E is clearly stepping all over the Civil Rights Act (which states that an organization cannot retaliate or discriminate against an employee for several different things, including their religious beliefs or sexual preference) and despite the fact that there was the usual 'offended' stance from those for whom Politically-Correct statements are the end-all-be-all of their existance; it seems more than apparent that the majority of folks are standing with Phil - and that includes a great number of those who are members of the LGBT community!

Stand With PhilIt's time to become aware of what is slowly happening in our country: We are being censored, and that doesn't apply to one "side" or the other, that applies to us all. Corporations have a vested interest in becoming thoroughly involved in our lives. If they can begin to control our opinions, the things we say, where we eat, what we do, who we vote for - then we have really and truly lost our freedom. Please don't let this issue pass by without a care or a thought because you think it doesn't interest you, involve you, or affect you. The truth is, it affects all of us an awful lot. Today a man might be sitting in the supposed "hot-seat" because he responded to a question with an answer that reflects his Christian faith, but who is to say that in the coming years this same principle won't be applied in a way that negatively affects you or your loved ones?

We have to stand with Phil, not because we have to agree with what he said, but because if we don't, we run the risk of setting a precedent that will cost us our freedom - and that just isn't a cost we want to pay for our petty disagreements.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Today's Technology - The Utility Of The Tablet

To say that technology has come a long way is an understatement. Some of the first computing machines built were the size of a large room. They either had the purpose of doing  minor calculations or decoding messages for the military. Today, we have computers that are thousands of times more powerful than the ones I just mentioned and we wear them on our wrists, we hold them in our hands, and we carry them in our pockets, purses, and backpacks. It's pretty wild and amazing when you take a step back and look at it, isn't it?

I recently purchased Google's (Asus) Nexus 7 (2013) 32GB for my wife. I saw it as a way for her to keep up on her blog and social media without having to stare into a tiny 4-inch screen on-the-go. But as with all things, I have to have my hands on new 'toys' to tinker and play with. It didn't take me very long before I realized something... this tablet has so many forms. It can be a family computer, a portable desktop computer, an ultra-portable laptop, or a multi-functional entertainment system and all you'll need are a few apps and hardware add-ons.

For this article, I will be referring to Google's (Asus) Nexus 7 (2013), however there are other tablets on the market that also support these possible 'forms' such as Microsoft's Surface Pro.

Form #1 - Family Computer
For this, you need nothing but the tablet itself. The Nexus 7 allows for one master account and multiple user accounts for the device, each can be programmed with their own individual password and setup. For instance, if User A has the Facebook app installed, User B will not have it installed unless he or she wants it installed. User B could have five or six games installed, but User A won't. While any app or program installed on the device can be seen on the master list of downloaded apps, each user gets their own custom interface, making it ideal for multi-users who share one device. And for the parents out there who might worry that their kid will set a password so you can't get into it, you can set parameters and a master password, as well as simply deleting any user via the master account.

Form #2 - Portable Desktop Computer
When you think portable desktop, you automatically think of a laptop. But with laptops, they are usually much more expensive, far less powerful, and less satisfying than their desktop counterparts. However, with a decent Wi-Fi connection and a useful little app called 'Splashtop Remote Desktop', you can have your desktop computer on your tablet. Some of you may have already heard about remote desktop, or, being able to control your home computer from a phone or tablet. And in many cases, such apps are slow and lag, meaning the movement you make in real-time takes seconds to show up on the remote device being controlled.

Splashtop is the exception. Aside from a minor issue with its right-click with video games, it is one of the BEST remote desktop apps I've ever tried. By downloading the app to my tablet and downloading the Splashtop Streamer program to my computer, I can access my desktop computer in its fullest. Music, video games, and files are available to me at the simple click of a button in REAL TIME - again, granted - only if I have a decent Wi-Fi connection. I will say however, that I do not recommend doing this with an older, less-powerful tablet. A quad-core tablet with at least a Tegra 3 graphics or equivalent and decent RAM is recommended.

(This is showing how with a fast Wi-Fi connection, a video of Fox's Family Guy is playing in real-time in correlation to the tablet via Splashtop Remote Desktop) 

(Note: The tablet does not need to be next to the desktop computer for this app to work.)

Form #2.5 - Ultra-Portable Laptop
I codenamed this form #2.5 because it greatly helps the idea of form #2. You might be asking yourself, "Okay, I have my desktop computer controllable on my tablet screen, but it's still just a touch screen tablet. Where is the mouse and keyboard?" Luckily, I have an answer for you. I purchased a tablet case cover that comes with a Bluetooth keyboard attached to it . More specifically, I purchased a Bear Motion Premium Folio Case with detachable Bluetooth Keyboard. Along with that, I purchased a USB to Micro USB adapter and Logitech's M125 Retractable Corded Mouse. With these products, I did the following:
- Place the tablet inside the cover
- Connect the wireless Bluetooth Keyboard to the tablet
- Physically connect the male-end of the USB to Micro USB adapter to the tablet
- Connect Logitech M125 mouse to the female-end of the adapter

It was simple plug and play from there. So what makes it portable? I leave the adapter plugged into the keyboard, where it inconspicuously hides itself inside the case when closed. Then I just carry the small mouse in my pocket with the cord retracted and hidden beneath the base of it. This is a phenomenal option for college students who don't want to carry around a heavy or large laptop. As a side note, the keyboard despite being small, is surprisingly easy to type on and get the hang of.

Form #3 - Multi-Functional Entertainment System
You can do this with one or both of these hardware add-ons. One is Google's Chromecast and the other is a HDMI to Micro USB adapter. With Google's Chromecast, you can plug it into any HDMI port on a TV and with a Wi-Fi or internet connection, use it to connect to your phone or tablet to play content from apps such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Prime straight to your TV without any wires. Not bad for a flat $30 cost, not counting the Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Prime service cost.

The second option as I mentioned, is a HDMI to Micro USB adapter. This option requires you to hook your phone charger up into your  adapter, plug your TV's HDMI cable into the adapter as well, and then finally connect your adapter to your phone or tablet. It may be a bit more of a mess than Google's Chromecast, however there is neither Wi-Fi nor internet connection needed. Not only can it display your Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Prime content on your TV, but it displays ANY content on your phone to your TV. This way allows you to use your TV screen as a much larger cell phone or tablet display. Great for when you go on vacation, you can use the hotel room TV to play games or watch your shows.

At this point you might wonder how much all of these gadgets and apps cost. So I'll give you the breakdown.

Google's (Asus) Nexus 7 (2013) 32GB = $220
Bear Motion Premium Folio Case = $24
Logitech M125 mouse = $19
USB to Micro USB Adapter = $2
HDMI to Micro USB Adapter = $9
Google Chromecast = $30

Total = $304

For around $300, that is a LOT of utility to have. All of these functions may not be useful for everyone, but it's nice to have the ability when it's needed. For any questions regarding anything in this article or any instructions, feel free to contact me at Andrew_Figueroa@masterofmom.com.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post, and as always, my opinions are 100% my own.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Editing videos you took on your phone? You need this software.

Video Conversion Software

Have you ever been looking through the video on your phone and wished you had all of your memories safely put away onto DVD? Or maybe you have an adorable video of your kids that you want to show off, but first you have to edit out that part where your husband walks through the scene in his underwear. Or maybe you're thinking of getting all your videos around and making a montage of some of the best and funniest moments over the past year.

The problem is the same with all of those... once you find the time to take on a project like this, you can hit a brick wall quick when you discover that the video format on your phone doesn't match the format you need to be able to transfer those videos neatly onto a DVD, or even to work with the editing software you have.

I ran into this exact disappointment when I wanted to edit some video I had by using the Windows movie-making application on my home computer. I spent hours fiddling with it, but when I went to play the whole thing back, I realized that my sound wasn't timing right throughout the entire thing!! The problem was that I didn't have the correct video format, and I had to abandon my project for a while.

So how does video conversion software help?

With video-converting software, video can be easily converted into a format that is usable in all sorts of applications, which allows you to quickly make your video moments into DVD's. Last year my husband tested out some video conversion software from Wondershare, and we loved how easy it was to use. It solved our problem with the video formatting and even allowed us to do some other cool stuff (like make back-up copies of our DVD's).


You can snag the same type of software we used to convert your phone files into the perfect format for video editing and DVD-burning. We used Wondershare, which is a type of software you can download straight onto your home computer. No waiting for an install disc to come in the mail - they email you the code to download the software as soon as they receive payment!

If you decide to purchase the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate (the software that we tested out with great results), please consider using my affiliate links listed here to help me keep my blog going! You can purchase this software on Amazon HERE, or by clicking through the picture below.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 6 [Download]

Have you used video conversion software? What do you think of it?
Chat with me in the comments below, I love hearing from my readers!

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Things to do: Check out the rooftop at the Esplendor Breakwater Hotel in South Beach

In December, my husband and I were lucky enough to be invited to check out the Breakwater Hotel in South Beach, Florida, which is being newly managed by a company specializing in unique and upscale hotels. The company, Fen Hoteles, has branded the Breakwater with their 'Esplendor' name, which marks it as being a boutique hotel.

We were invited to a rooftop cocktail party as media guests on behalf of Trekaroo, but please know that my reviews and writing are completely my own. (If you want to more know about my disclosure policy, please see the tab titled, 'Let me disclose to you'. To learn more about Trekaroo and how you can get 'trekarooing', look them up on their website at www.trekaroo.com.)

As we pulled up to the curb along the beautiful and famous Ocean Drive, I was more than pleased to see the valet attentively waiting to park our vehicle for us. I immediately noticed the stunningly lit marquee running vertically down the front of the hotel; the area is well-known for it's historical art-deco architecture, and the neon sign added to the cool, vintage look of the building. We stepped inside the lobby and I noted that on one side it was decorated in keeping with the retro looks that we saw on the outside, and the opposite side of the lobby was filled with photographs and art that could only be described as modern-Miami.

Once on the rooftop I was thrilled with the view. Despite the sun already having set, I could still see the waves rolling out beneath the star-lit ocean. Additionally, because of our vantage point atop the roof, I could see up and down Ocean Drive, which was full of color, lights, and sound at that time of evening. And don't think that you can get this sort of view just anywhere - I asked around, and as far as I've heard, there are very few hotels in the area that have rooftops available for hosting parties!

My husband and I quickly settled into conversation with several of the representatives from Fen Hoteles and the Breakwater itself, and we learned that not only is the hotel unique with it's style and view, but also with how it caters to it's customers. Unlike most hotels you'll find in Miami (or anywhere else for that matter) the Esplendor Breakwater offers it's guests a free breakfast buffet (we're talking the works here, not just continental) - which is a bit of a nod to the Latin American culture that Fen Hoteles has brought to it. Additionally, although the hotel is upscale, they are family-friendly! Not only do they welcome guests who have children, they even have cribs available for families with babies. We were even told that in the unlikely event they would run out of cribs, they would find a way to borrow one from another hotel if it was needed - now that's what I call service! The hotel also provides other niceties like beach towels, concierge service, two on-site restaurants, and bikes for the beach.

After I had gotten acquainted with the staff and what their hotel was able to provide, my husband and I spent some time spying around the terrace to see what we thought of the place overall. We both had the same initial idea: The rooftop would be a great place to throw a 21rst birthday party. Or any party for that matter. With a complete wet-bar already set-up, it seems most obvious that it would make a great place for an adult group to celebrate an important occasion - anything from a successful theater play run to a bachelor or bachelorette party. Because decorations are allowed to be brought up, it would make an equally great place to rent for a Christmas or New Year's party. The comfortable and modern lounge chairs on the rooftop are perfectly arranged to allow for good flow of conversation among guests, and work for both casual and formal affairs.

As a bonus, because of the two restaurants on-site, it was easy to get delicious and savory appetizers up to the roof, and my husband and I were delighted with the options every time a  server came up to offer us hors d'oeuvres!

Now the real question: Would I want to rent this place to host my own party? Oh, most definitely. Not only does the atmosphere of the entire area speak of a romantically vintage getaway, but I felt right at home because of the friendliness of the staff there. Plus, now I have pictures in my head of finally being able to throw the perfect holiday bash, my friends and I gathered around on the rooftop as music plays and we order drinks at the bar in our own private setting. To me, it sounds like something right out of a movie - and for this girl who grew up in the country, it doesn't get anymore spectacular than that!

Thinking about booking the rooftop at the Esplendor Breakwater for your next big event? With room for up to 120 guests, your party is sure to be a hit whether it is for business or pleasure! You can check out the scoop on these facilities on their website at www.esplendorbreakwatersouthbeach.com, or you can call the booking line for more information at (305) 532-2362.

To see more of what Fen Hoteles has to offer, you can visit them on their website, www.fenhoteles.com, or connect with them through social media on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or YouTube.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Enter this Wine & Romance Giveaway: Holiday Love Notes!

Make Our Own Network

Uncorked Ventures Gourmet Gift Basket
The Mood Sign Device and Card Game
A copy of Ignite 
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ARV $185
Hosted by:
Master of Mom
Make Our Own Network

**If you are a company and would like to see your brand advertised in a M.O.O.N. event similar to this please contact MakeOurOwnNetwork@gmail.com.

This giveaway is open to the Continental US only (because of shipping costs) and will end on December 20th, 2013.

"Make Our Own Network" solely organized this event and I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are 100% my own and may differ from your own or even those stated in this post.  This event is in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising" and is in no way associated with any of the social media it is viewed/shared/located on.  The sponsor is responsible for prize shipment and not this blog or any bloggers involved in the promotion. 

Review: Uncorked Ventures Gourmet Gift Baskets

When I was a girl I practically dreamed of the day that I'd be able to travel around, and I thought I'd spend my vacations traveling the country and seeking out the best of the best.

And I did... for a while anyhow. I used to hop into the car on any given weekend for a getaway on a local winery route, or a shopping and dining spree in Chicago or Toronto. Sure, I was always on a budget, and I was definitely looking for discounts, but I thought I was living the life!

So what happened to my whimsical spontaneity and my love of traveling? Kids happened. Don't get me wrong, I still love to travel and definitely love to be spontaneous - but I just can't imagine lugging two little ones along a winery route! Our travels include trips to the local playground, or visits to the zoo. This is great for family time of course, but I miss the romance a trip for two can create, and it's definitely been a long while since my husband and I got out to have a glass of wine alone somewhere!

However, I've always loved a DIY challenge, so when I was asked to review a gourmet wine basket from Uncorked Ventures recently, I took on the task of turning my dining room into the sort of romantic setting I would have found in an out-in-the-country wine bistro. Although I did receive the wine basket free of charge in order to do my review, please understand that this in no way affects my opinion. (For more on my disclosure policy, please see the tab marked 'Let me disclose to you'.)

My efforts to make the night a good one included broiling delicious rib-eye steaks in the oven and lighting candles to set the mood. I knew that the wine basket included tasty treats that would go well with bread, so I stopped by a bakery and even picked up a couple of artisan loaves! A few hunks of cheese from a deli completed my end of the contribution to the evening, and we opened up our gourmet box to inspect our new treats!

The Gourmet Gift Basket we received came with a bottle of 90+ point quality boutique wine, signature chocolates from the well-known San Franciscan maker TCHO, jam and mustard from Hurley Farms, a tin of pistachios from Fiddyment Farm, and two small bottles containing EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and balsamic vinegar.

I think the thing that amazed us the most about this entire box was the EVOO and balsamic vinegar combination. We made a mix to dip our bread into, and I have never had anything quite like it! I have definitely mixed EVOO & balsamic vinegar to make a dip before - but never using ingredients that were this high-quality. The taste was completely unexpected and my husband and I were incredulous at how much we'd been missing out on simply due to the make of the oil and vinegar.

The second biggest surprise (for me at least) was the apricot jam included from Hurley Farms. I had read somewhere on the Uncorked Ventures website that the owner's son delights in this jam, but I took it with a grain of salt. I have never been big on jam or preserves myself (regardless of the make) and I'm not a big sweets-lover. Oh my goodness though... the flavor and texture of this jam was spectacular. It was tangy and sweet at the same time, and the crusty Tuscan bread paired with it magnificently. I ate the whole jar within a week.

For my husband, the second best part was the chocolate from TCHO. As I said before, I'm not big on sweets, but that shouldn't be held against the sweets themselves! Luckily I have my husband's taste buds to help me out most days, and he adores a good piece of dark chocolate. He was both surprised and amused by some of the flavors the chocolates came in (such as citrus) but overall very pleased with the rich bittersweet taste provided by the high level of cacao in each bar. I had a few bites myself, but I'm not as much of a chocolate lover as he is, so I went back to stuffing myself with bread and jam.

The wine that was included in our box was a 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon from Zerba Cellars. I thought it had a nice woodsy flavor to it and my husband (who is very picky about the wines he drinks) was happy that the finish was smooth. While neither of us are what I would call 'wine connoisseurs', we certainly can tell a good wine when we taste one, and this was a great one.

We spent the rest of the evening together watching a movie while we drank wine snuggled up on the couch, and we were so full that we decided to try out the pistachios and mustard another time. Needless to say, they also lived up to the 'gourmet' standards - we devoured the pistachios together the next night while watching a re-run of Chuck, and we've been using the savory herb mustard from Hurley Farms on our sandwiches and in my super-secret egg, ham, chicken, or tuna salad recipes.

All in all, the gift basket was fantastic. I was able to have a romantic evening with my husband at home, which meant I spent my time with him enjoying myself instead of worrying how the kids were behaving for my mother-in-law. Plus, there is nothing quite so cozy as being able to relax after a fine meal and have a glass of wine (or two) on the couch with your spouse!

Want to know how you can get a gift basket like this for yourself (or a friend who is in need of a special treat)? You can connect with Uncorked Ventures and find out more about this family business started by two brothers-in-law on their website at www.uncorkedventures.com or their Facebook for special deals and information. Love Twitter? You can follow the owners Mark & Matt by clicking the links!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Miami Culinary Tours Launches The Wynwood Art District Food Tour

Wynwood has become an epicenter of well-known street art & galleries and hosts some of the most talented chefs and one-of-a-kind restaurants that are now part of the Wynwood Food Tour.

Miami, December 2013 - The same group of passionate food concierge guides who brought you the South Beach Food Tour and Little Havana Food Tour have launched the Wynwood Art District Food Tour. Miami Culinary Tours is keeping their promise to showcase the best restaurants in Miami by expanding to the up-and-coming neighborhood of Wynwood.

"This tour has been designed to encompass the creativity and variety (in food and art) of Wynwood. We are very proud to include a worldy perspective by sharing the secrets behind the art and treating guests to tastes ranging from Russia, Japan, Peru, Puerto Rico and even some very local dishes." states Miami Culinary Tours founder, Grace Della. Stroll through the vibrant neighborhood of Wynwood learning how the area came to be, admire countless works of art and eat your way through it all. In a few hours you'll visit up to seven different locations, making it the most unique and only dining experience in Wynwood. Meet chefs who will explain their savory dishes, discover hidden shopping for unique artifacts and gallery gems - and even catch a few artists working on their street murals.

"Our tour guides are all locals and therefore they grew up experiencing the change in art and food reflected in this world-known part of town. With a focus on 'street art' and it's evolvement, we assure our guests will finish the tour with an abundance of knowledge regarding murals and their concepts." says Della.

The Wynwood Food Tour stops at some of the best restaurants in the area including Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, located at 2550 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127, where guests will have a juicy empanada with a side of creamy cilantro sauce and sweet, fried plantains sprinkled with cheese crema. The tour will then visit The Butcher Shop, located at 165 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33127, where a beautifully presented cone filled with a variety of seven cold meats randing from a smoked polish kielbasa to peppered salami will be served accompanied by a dark, Russian beer. The next stop is at Jimmy'z Kitchen, located at 2700 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127, where guests will enjoy a traditional Puerto Rican dish, the chicken mofongo - composed of mashed, fried green plantains, garlic, olive oil, crunchy pork rinds, and chicken. Across the street you'll find the newest addition to Wynwood, SuViche, located at 2751 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127, where a spicy Japanese-Peruvian fusion causa will be served. Cross back over to the west side of N Miami Ave to Pride & Joy, located at 2800 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127. This stop will serve the most divine deviled eggs topped with tender pulled pork. The final stop on the Wynwood Food Tour is at the hidden location of Fireman Derek's World Famous Pies kitchen, 2600 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127, where guests will take delight in the perfect ending to a food tour - a creamy, decadent and chilled key lime pie.

About Miami Culinary Tours

Miami Culinary Tours, founded by entrepreneur and dining expert, Grace Della, has been running food tours since 2010. With a concentration in Miami's historic neighborhoods, the guided cultural walking food tours present these experiences in several locations. The South Beach Food Tour runs twice daily at 12:00PM and 5:00PM in the bustling streets of South Beach at $59/person. The Little Havana Food Tour takes place every Saturday at 12:30PM in the charming area of Little Havana at $59/person. The newest addition to this assortment of walking tours, the Wynwood Food Tour, runs every Saturday at 12:30PM at $69/person. These tours are excellent for travelers and locals alike, offering personal historical, architectural, cultural, artistic and epicurean insight from highly trained and passionate local guides. For more information or to mak reservations, please visit www.miamiculinarytours.com. Miami Culinary Tours gladly accomodates private groups and customized tours for alternative days and times. E-mail info@miamiculinarytours.com.

For media inquiries please contact Grace Della at (786) 942-8856 or by e-mail info@miamiculinarytours.com. Additional pictures can be provided.