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Friday, December 13, 2013

Things to do: Check out the rooftop at the Esplendor Breakwater Hotel in South Beach

In December, my husband and I were lucky enough to be invited to check out the Breakwater Hotel in South Beach, Florida, which is being newly managed by a company specializing in unique and upscale hotels. The company, Fen Hoteles, has branded the Breakwater with their 'Esplendor' name, which marks it as being a boutique hotel.

We were invited to a rooftop cocktail party as media guests on behalf of Trekaroo, but please know that my reviews and writing are completely my own. (If you want to more know about my disclosure policy, please see the tab titled, 'Let me disclose to you'. To learn more about Trekaroo and how you can get 'trekarooing', look them up on their website at www.trekaroo.com.)

As we pulled up to the curb along the beautiful and famous Ocean Drive, I was more than pleased to see the valet attentively waiting to park our vehicle for us. I immediately noticed the stunningly lit marquee running vertically down the front of the hotel; the area is well-known for it's historical art-deco architecture, and the neon sign added to the cool, vintage look of the building. We stepped inside the lobby and I noted that on one side it was decorated in keeping with the retro looks that we saw on the outside, and the opposite side of the lobby was filled with photographs and art that could only be described as modern-Miami.

Once on the rooftop I was thrilled with the view. Despite the sun already having set, I could still see the waves rolling out beneath the star-lit ocean. Additionally, because of our vantage point atop the roof, I could see up and down Ocean Drive, which was full of color, lights, and sound at that time of evening. And don't think that you can get this sort of view just anywhere - I asked around, and as far as I've heard, there are very few hotels in the area that have rooftops available for hosting parties!

My husband and I quickly settled into conversation with several of the representatives from Fen Hoteles and the Breakwater itself, and we learned that not only is the hotel unique with it's style and view, but also with how it caters to it's customers. Unlike most hotels you'll find in Miami (or anywhere else for that matter) the Esplendor Breakwater offers it's guests a free breakfast buffet (we're talking the works here, not just continental) - which is a bit of a nod to the Latin American culture that Fen Hoteles has brought to it. Additionally, although the hotel is upscale, they are family-friendly! Not only do they welcome guests who have children, they even have cribs available for families with babies. We were even told that in the unlikely event they would run out of cribs, they would find a way to borrow one from another hotel if it was needed - now that's what I call service! The hotel also provides other niceties like beach towels, concierge service, two on-site restaurants, and bikes for the beach.

After I had gotten acquainted with the staff and what their hotel was able to provide, my husband and I spent some time spying around the terrace to see what we thought of the place overall. We both had the same initial idea: The rooftop would be a great place to throw a 21rst birthday party. Or any party for that matter. With a complete wet-bar already set-up, it seems most obvious that it would make a great place for an adult group to celebrate an important occasion - anything from a successful theater play run to a bachelor or bachelorette party. Because decorations are allowed to be brought up, it would make an equally great place to rent for a Christmas or New Year's party. The comfortable and modern lounge chairs on the rooftop are perfectly arranged to allow for good flow of conversation among guests, and work for both casual and formal affairs.

As a bonus, because of the two restaurants on-site, it was easy to get delicious and savory appetizers up to the roof, and my husband and I were delighted with the options every time a  server came up to offer us hors d'oeuvres!

Now the real question: Would I want to rent this place to host my own party? Oh, most definitely. Not only does the atmosphere of the entire area speak of a romantically vintage getaway, but I felt right at home because of the friendliness of the staff there. Plus, now I have pictures in my head of finally being able to throw the perfect holiday bash, my friends and I gathered around on the rooftop as music plays and we order drinks at the bar in our own private setting. To me, it sounds like something right out of a movie - and for this girl who grew up in the country, it doesn't get anymore spectacular than that!

Thinking about booking the rooftop at the Esplendor Breakwater for your next big event? With room for up to 120 guests, your party is sure to be a hit whether it is for business or pleasure! You can check out the scoop on these facilities on their website at www.esplendorbreakwatersouthbeach.com, or you can call the booking line for more information at (305) 532-2362.

To see more of what Fen Hoteles has to offer, you can visit them on their website, www.fenhoteles.com, or connect with them through social media on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or YouTube.


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