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Friday, December 20, 2013

Where do you stand on the Duck Dynasty controversy?

I'll tell you where I stand: I stand with Phil.

Unfortunately, many people who announce that they stand with him or believe the same as him have been met with an onslaught of disrespectful, rude, and often ignorant comments. They have been called homophobes, they have been called unintelligent. They have been called haters, rednecks, intolerant bigots, and worse.

However, to imply that all these people have homophobia is to imply that they have psychological disorders, which I assure you they all do not. If that was how we diagnosed issues of psychosis, I suppose my dislike of wasting electricity would mean that I had electrophobia.

And those standing with Phil are also not haters, intolerant, or bigots. I have folks in my own family who are gay, and to be perfectly honest I love and care for them very much. I don't always agree with them (as a matter of fact we have a lot of mundane Obama-related arguments!), but that doesn't matter. So there goes the hater argument. I'm also not intolerant. In fact, if the truth is known, I'm probably a bit more tolerant than I should be, on many issues. The reason behind this is that I know of my own shortfalls and I realize that I have been given a lot of tolerance and leeway over the years, and I appreciated it. Being tolerant of someone merely means that while you don't want to live like them, or may not completely agree with them, you are going to allow them to continue with their life peacefully. To be intolerant you must be actively taking action to destroy or disallow their ability to live the way they want. Have you heard of zero-tolerance policies? If people had zero-tolerance on this subject, believe me, the world over would know. So this cannot be an issue of tolerance. As for bigotry, let's turn to the dictionary: Bigotry is defined as an intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.  And because we are not actively trying to destroy anyone, or their way of life for that matter, I can't see how we could be labeled bigots. (Although it does seem like those who are calling for the punishment of Phil Robertson for speaking his opinion are acting like bigots themselves!)

So what am I? Well, although this deviates a bit from my main point, I'm just gonna put it out there: I'm a Christian. I'm a God-fearing, people-loving Christian. This means that I believe in the Bible and what it teaches, and it's my right as a human being to do so. On that same note, because I believe the teachings of the Bible, it also means that I believe in not judging others for their actions and in loving them no matter what they do. I don't always succeed of course. Many people will point to Christians who have fallen short of the mark and hold them up high as examples of what Christianity "really" looks like. I think this is shameful and a bit underhanded since those same people would never want their worst moments to be put on display as the standard for their behavior. Being a Christian does NOT mean that I am perfect. It does NOT mean that I will always behave the way that I should and it certainly does NOT mean that I am done learning how to be a good Christian. There will always be room for improvement.

If I could ask one thing of everyone during this controversy that has arisen, it is to make your true feelings known to the world on this subject, regardless of which stance you take or what point you look at it from (and there are many different talking points on this, whether you are Christian, gay, atheist, or anything else). Phil took a stand and told the world what he believed without reserve - not because he thought it was a politically correct move, but because he was asked how he believed on the subject and he responded with an answer that is based on his Christian faith. For that simple action, he has been attacked by the leaders of the LGBT community. Too many Christians have turned to political correctness to address big issues like this instead of just giving a simple answer, and that is why it has gotten to the point that it is shocking for some people to hear a Christian tell-it the way they believe it.

Despite all of the pressures and laws in place to keep this country "tolerant", it is glaringly obvious that we have come to a large fork in the road. Despite the fact that A&E is clearly stepping all over the Civil Rights Act (which states that an organization cannot retaliate or discriminate against an employee for several different things, including their religious beliefs or sexual preference) and despite the fact that there was the usual 'offended' stance from those for whom Politically-Correct statements are the end-all-be-all of their existance; it seems more than apparent that the majority of folks are standing with Phil - and that includes a great number of those who are members of the LGBT community!

Stand With PhilIt's time to become aware of what is slowly happening in our country: We are being censored, and that doesn't apply to one "side" or the other, that applies to us all. Corporations have a vested interest in becoming thoroughly involved in our lives. If they can begin to control our opinions, the things we say, where we eat, what we do, who we vote for - then we have really and truly lost our freedom. Please don't let this issue pass by without a care or a thought because you think it doesn't interest you, involve you, or affect you. The truth is, it affects all of us an awful lot. Today a man might be sitting in the supposed "hot-seat" because he responded to a question with an answer that reflects his Christian faith, but who is to say that in the coming years this same principle won't be applied in a way that negatively affects you or your loved ones?

We have to stand with Phil, not because we have to agree with what he said, but because if we don't, we run the risk of setting a precedent that will cost us our freedom - and that just isn't a cost we want to pay for our petty disagreements.


  1. The American people need to wise up! These Gay people are Sick People crying out for HELP! Think about what they do its sickening, God didn’t intend for two men to-do what they do! Marriage is between A man & Women PERIOD!!

  2. I think that beyond losing our freedoms, there is the added issue of a vocal minority that thinks that if they yell loud enough, the silent majority will just slink away. We have lost so much by giving in to threats and lies. As far as the argument that God never intended this kind of a lifestyle, it is true. But God also intended us to go the extra mile and help one another. If someone refuses to accept help, the least we can do is pray for them. Then we must also assume our duty to vote into office Godly men & women who will set the example of wisdom so the minority doesn't run over the majority. I think that the outcry of the American public has gotten it right and is standing by Phil.

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