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Saturday, March 22, 2014

PayDeals Website Mini-Review

As a blogger I'm constantly inundated with info about 'the next greatest thing'. However, not all of those things turn out to be great which means that I waste a lot of time researching a subject, cause, product or brand for nothing. And although that might not sound like a good thing, at the end of the day I'm glad to do it since I'm trying to do right by my readers. (That's you.)

So when a fellow blogger of mine was looking for help promoting PayDeals.com, I did my research before I volunteered my site as part of the promotion. (I hadn't heard of this company before and was a bit worried that this would turn out to be another fly-by-night foreign intrigue meant to ship off shoddy merchandise at cheap prices.)

What I found out about PayDeals.com was not only pleasant, it restored some of my faith in internet deal-sites!

PayDeals Review

An Honest Company?

Very rarely in this day and age do I find a company that is doing a broad sell of many deals across the internet that is as candid and open as this one is. From the story of how they got started to the company's concern for the environment - this website impressed me. They even donate to children's cancer research!

Born in the USA

I was even more happy to discover that they are based right here in the United States! More and more companies like this are being outsourced to gain cheap customer service, but PayDeals is doing just the opposite.

They refer to their employees as 'Dealmakers', stating that they search for employees with the friendly attitude and commitment to find great deals for their customers. Their contact form for those interested in working for the company was so energetic that it even made me want to apply! (Too bad I live no where near them.)

But what about them prices?

The best thing of all, of course, was that the prices I saw were legitimately great deals. I found an iPhone Body Glove case for $9 (usually around $50). I saw a docking station/alarm clock/speaker iHome setup for $15. Fifteen dollars!! There was even a SOUL by Ludacris headset for right around $45.

Because my husband is 'the deal guy' in our family, I immediately filled him in on the site and watched him browse through. (As soon as I did that I kind of regretted it of course, since I'm already nagging at him for buying too many things through his deal sites.)

Have you heard of PayDeals? What deal sites do you like best?
Chat with me in the comments below to tell me what you think!

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