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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Into a Stylin' Nursery!

Use Garage Sale Finds in DIY Crafts

Springtime is one of my favorite seasons for redecorating, because with so many people cleaning their homes from top to bottom, you can discover some pretty nifty 'treasures' at garage sales & yard sales alike!

Here are a few easy and awesome tips for redecorating a nursery with a thrifty combination of old & new:


See that jar of random buttons on the garage sale table for a buck or two? Grab it! Spray-paint the buttons in three to four colors that match your nursery. When they have dried, firmly glue them to painted wooden letters that signify your baby's initials, then hang the letters in your nursery.

Embroidery Hoops!

I love picking up old embroidery hoops at garage sales! A great use of them in the nursery is to 'print' your baby's feet onto a piece of fabric and then use the hoop as a frame. Tie a ribbon to the top and write your baby's name & the date above or below the footprints with a fabric pen.

"Our Family Just Grew" Print at LindseyBoo.com Picture Frames!

People are always getting rid of old frames for new ones. I love finding old frames because I think they have a lot of great character. Get a few that mesh together well, but don't worry about color. You can customize the frames by painting them, staining them, or even gluing special accents to the outside (like rosebuds or mini-cars). Make a frame-collage out of them or put baby-themed prints inside of them (like a name-poem or a custom print giving your child's birth stats). I love these ones at LindseyBoo because you can choose from a variety of different backgrounds & matting options and they only cost around $15 for a double-matted print!


If you're having trouble finding yarn at garage sales, just ask the seller if they have any. Chances are, they do have some yarn they'd be willing to part with for a buck or two, they just didn't set it outside! Use the yarn to make yarn globes and create a baby-mobile that will provide your child with a colorfully-swirly source of entertainment that was almost completely free for you to create.


Unused fabric is easy to find and can be used to create everything from finger puppets to stuffed rag-animals. Try to pick bright colors that will attract your baby's attention to get the most out of a finger-puppet project, and use mismatched socks to stuff any rag-animals.

Wood planks!

Do you have a saw & some sandpaper at home? Grab any wood that is at least 2"x2" and cut it into blocks. There are a ton of great ways to create your own blocks at home with a small amount of effort. And - because blocks tend to be a toy with staying power - your baby will be playing with your homemade set for many years to come!


If you find burlap at a garage sale, you're in luck! It's a very versatile crafting material with a great texture and I love to use it in craft projects. A nursery-favorite is to paint a 'family tree' on the burlap, and then very carefully tie mini-portraits of family members along the branches. This turns out adorable and the burlap provides the perfect backdrop!!

Do you have favorite nursery ideas? Leave me a comment below, I love exchanging thoughts with my readers!

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