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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fifth or 'Wood' Anniversary Gift Ideas

When I saw that my friend over at A Lucky Ladybug had gotten to review a wooden watch, my first thought was what a great anniversary gift it would make. (You can see her awesome review here!)

JORD Wooden WatchNot everyone realizes this, but there is actually a traditional list of anniversary gifts. The idea behind it is that you buy a gift made out of certain materials, and the materials represent the strength and longevity of your marriage. (Thus bringing us terms such as 'Silver Anniversary'.) I love this system of buying anniversary gifts because it allows spouses to give each other very unique and creative gifts.

For example, the first wedding anniversary is the 'paper' anniversary (not a super strong material because the marriage is still new). Common paper gifts are cards, handmade love coupons, or favorite books. The next year brings you the 'cotton' anniversary; the material the gift is made of is stronger because (ideally) your marriage is too.

The fifth anniversary is the 'wood' anniversary, which is why I think this watch would make a fantastic gift. Not only is it perfect for men (whom I find incredibly hard to buy for!) but it is elegant and creative. Any guy can get a watch as a gift, but how many of them get wooden watches?

A wooden watch would make a great fifth anniversary gift, but if you can't afford the price-tag on one just yet, here are some thrifty DIY ideas that are perfect for a 'wood' anniversary!:

  • Make a clock. It's actually a lot more simple than you might imagine! Purchase a piece of wood in a pre-cut shape (or cut out your own shape if you have the tools at home!) and then paint it however you want. Drill a hole through the center and buy a clock-kit from your local hobby store that will allow you to attach a battery-operated mechanism on the back. Buy some stick-on numbers (sort of like the ones that go on houses, but smaller) and add a little hanger on the back. Tadaa! Handmade clock.
  • Create a shadow-box. Shadow-boxes are super easy to make and allow you to put lots of sentimental items into your creation. I like the tutorial done here by +Gail Wilson from My Repurposed Life.
  • Design a unique picture frame. Using special items from your life together, create a picture frame that has a meaning for the both of you. For instance, if you got engaged on the beach, cover a frame with tacky-glue, then pour sand over it. Add sea-shells as embellishments and use a crafting paint-pen to write a phrase on the top or bottom. When I make a unique frame I try to find a photo I want to put in the frame first and then I make the frame to go with the picture.
  • DIY wall-art. We've all seen those cutesy-phrases hanging on the wall at someone's house. But let's get honest: it's just a board with some paint on it. Instead of getting a cookie-cutter Hallmark phrase, why not make it into something special that only the two of you will understand? The words you first spoke to each other, the things you love most about one another, your wedding vows... any of these makes a great adornment and serves as an awesome reminder of the love you have together.
  • Craft a 'Welcome' sign. Why buy a sign that says 'Welcome to the Smith House' when you can make one yourself? Wood-burning kits are not too expensive to purchase and can be used on many projects around the house. Plus, if you make your own sign, you have the added bonus of being able to change or add to it as little ones arrive!


Interested in knowing more about that JORD watch? You can visit them on their website www.woodwatches.com. Or check them out in social media for updates deals & more on Google+, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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