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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Arvazallia Review - Restore your hair!

A few months ago I was testing out a hair product that pretty much destroyed my hair. (All I can say is that if you have naturally-dry hair, waterless shampoo products are probably not for you.)

This left me with a disgusting feeling every time I washed my hair - it felt like I was running my fingers through strands that had been squeaked-clean with dish soap. (Blech.) Unfortunately, no matter what I tried my hair just wouldn't go back to its regular texture.

Okay, so I've never exactly had perfect hair...

I can't say that my hair has ever been super-silky. I have a natural hair type that is somewhere between frizzy and overworked. Most days I just toss my locks into a pony-tail and head out the door. With hair so unmanageable it can take me an hour just to tame it down and (as a mom of two toddlers) I just don't have time for that!

After I added my waterless-shampoo-catastrophe into the mix, my hair was in sad shape. I started to think that the only way to get my hair back to normal was to cut it all off and start over.

Blogger Resources to the Rescue?!

However, I was saved from that when I was selected on BrandBacker to try out a couple of hair products from Arvazallia. I did receive my items for free, but please know that this does not influence my opinions on it whatsoever.

When I got my kit from them, I started out by using the Arvazallia Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask. I thought it would take at least a couple weeks of using the mask before I would start to feel the results, but I got relief after just one use! My former so-dry-they-squeak-strands were no more, and I could actually run my hands through my hair again without getting my fingers caught in a rats' nest of tangles. (Gloriousness!)

Despite this return-to-normal, having my hair be squeak-free wasn't the same as being manageable. Don't get me wrong, the hair mask went a long way in getting my hair back under control... but I was still getting flyaways when I went to style my hair. I wasn't surprised at this of course, especially considering that my hair got frizzy sometime around the 9th grade and never returned back to normal. (I blame those doggone 90's crimpers.)

Luckily I was sent Arvazallia's Premium Argan Oil Hair Treatment to go with the hair mask... and boy does this stuff ever work.

Wow, just wow.

I have used so many hair serums in my lifetime. I couldn't even began to recount them all because I've snatched them up like candy. Out of all the oils, treatments, or serums I have ever used, this one is hands-down the one that has had the best results with the least amount of product used.

The treatment even comes with different methods for using it in your hair so that it's easy to work into your usual styling routine. The method I used the most was simply working it into my hair after washing it, but I've become a big fan of setting the oil into my hair, letting it soak, and then rinsing it out before a quick towel-dry & style.

I've got blogger problems.

My hair has looked amazing lately. As a matter of fact, when I went to take the Before & After pictures shown below, I had to go about half a week without using any of the Arvazallia products before I could get my hair frizzy enough to take a decent 'Before' picture. (Seriously, who has to work on taking a good before picture?! Oh wait, I know... bloggers who forget to take a freaking 'before' picture BEFORE they start using something...) Even after going without the product for a few days, my hair was still nowhere near as frizzy as it was prior to using the Arvazallia oil & mask.

Arvazallia Review

I rate this stuff A++. Five stars. Two thumbs up. Whatever rating system you use, score it as high as it will go because that is how much I adore this brand. Bottom line? If your hair is anything like mine (dry, unmanageable, frizzy, out-o-control...), you need to grab some Arvazallia and quit messing around with those store-shelf serums.

Have you used Arvazallia before? What did you think of it?
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