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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Review: Ageless Derma Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Back when I wrote up my review on Ageless Derma's Satin Lip Gloss, I mentioned that I would love to be able to try more of their products. Luckily for me, I was offered just that chance!

Although I did receive a jar of Ageless Derma's Stem Cell and Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Cream for free in order to do this review, please know that my opinions are always honest and completely my own. For more on my disclosure policy, please see the tab titled "Let me disclose to you". Now on to the review!

Okay so the first thing that I always personally think when I see anything with "stem cell" on it is that it's associated with something gross. Let me just nip that thought in the bud. These aren't people or animal stem cells that are being used, they are rare Swiss apple stem cells. Not sure why that's important? Let me explain...

A Crash Course in Apples:

Apparently this particular type of Swiss apple is an old and rare specie and the apples themselves have particularly good life-spans after picking. (They can also self-heal when cut, how cool is that?) And when I say that the apple is old and "rare", I mean so old and rare that it was discovered sometime in the 18th century and it was on the verge of extinction even then. Nowadays it's on a National Conservation list in Switzerland in an attempt to save the specie. Although this apple (scientifically named Uttwiler Sp├Ątlauber) was down to just 2 trees at one point, they now have at least 20 trees thanks to conservation efforts by ProSpecieRara.

How I Know This Cream is Legit:

Why is this all important? It's important because every time the beauty industry comes out with a new "miracle" cream, the first question most people ask is: 'If it's so great, why doesn't every cosmetics company use it?'

Well, in this case the answer is obvious - the tree is rare, not to mention conservation-protected, so the creams are far and few between, and a bit on the pricier side. This definitely is not a product you're going to find in the beauty section of your local Wal-Mart.

But there's good news! You can order this type of cream online, and although Ageless Derma's particular blend costs around $65, it lasts a long time. The best part of all though, is that this stuff actually works.

Yes, it's true. I have a wrinkle.

Although I am still a young woman, I have been getting a nasty wrinkle coming straight down between my eyes since I was just a teenager. My mom used to tell me if I didn't quit frowning when I got upset, my face would "stick that way", and I guess in a sense she was right! I am one of those people who wear their emotions on their sleeve, so every time I got angry or worried the wrinkle made its appearance.

Unfortunately I wore down the cells of my own skin in that area over time, resulting in a constantly-visible wrinkle. I don't feel like I look old with it so much as I feel like I just look worn out, and I hate that. ( I AM worn out, of course... but I don't want to LOOK that way!)

Always the skeptic...

I was pretty skeptical about this anti-wrinkle cream at first because I have tried a lot of different department store creams with no luck. You have to read the fine print on those creams, and many times you'll find that they just put some sort of shimmer in to make the wrinkle reflect back, which causes it to be less noticeable. The cream from Ageless Derma doesn't work to hide the wrinkle though, it works to repair the skin, and that's what I really needed.

Blah at my crazy skin.

At first when I started using it, my face broke out a little. I don't know why, but my skin seems to respond to every new cream, lotion, soap, or make-up item by breaking out for a week or two after introduction. I felt like a teenager for half a month as I dutifully scrubbed my face, and I wondered if I'd ever be able to put the cream on without looking like you could play connect-the-dots on my forehead!

At last! Results!

Finally my skin cleared up and I was able to do a solid two-week span of testing out the cream. I chose a two-week period for my testing because in my experience, that's usually the minimum it takes to be able to see a difference in skin if you've been using a product in a daily regimen.

I just want to put it out there to everyone that has ever tried a skincare item and hasn't been pleased with the results: You have to be constant. Don't try an item sporadically over a month and then complain that it doesn't work. Most products aren't able to be used that way if you want solid results.

Below is the difference in my wrinkle after two weeks of solid use. The picture has not been edited or blurred, and I did my best to keep the lighting similar in both photos. Additionally, I took this photo with the light source shining in a way that would make my wrinkle more visible due to shadowing. As you can see, even though I was attempting to make the wrinkle area really stand-out in the After picture, my wrinkle is still barely visible... and it's definitely no where near as noticeable as in my Before photo!

Ageless Derma Anti-Wrinkle Cream Before and After
'After' picture was taken after a solid 2-week test period using Ageless Derma's Stem Cell & Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Cream.


If you're curious to try some of this cream for yourself, you can connect with Ageless Derma on their website at www.agelessderma.com, or connect with them through their social media accounts on FacebookTwitterYouTube or Google+.

What do you think of the Before & After picture?
Is this a cream you would try for yourself?
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  2. I love their products! At first I figured they would be like all the hundreds out there, but their products actually work! I haven't yet tried this particular product, but I would love too! Amazing the difference!

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