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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Fashion: What would you buy?

Summer is here, and that means getting your beach-wear out. Every year I mope a little trying to figure out what I'm going to wear, and how I'm going to afford it.

I've written before about how Target is quite literally my favorite-store-ever, and this year I've been head-over-heels in love with their summer items. Combine that with the fact that just about everything there falls into my price range, and it is easy to understand why I have such high praise for the company!

Check out my summer wish list below!

(Please note that links in my wish-list posts are always affiliate links, which means that if you decide to buy one of the things in this post I will receive a few cents in commission!)

The Shoes

I am in love with these Mossimo Flip Flops. The ring in the center adds a bit of glam to the common, and they look luxuriously comfy. Best part is that they are less than 15 bucks.

The Cover-Up

I have a gorgeously-tropical sarong that I've owned for years. I love wearing it but it's hard to find a top that matches it and still looks 'beachy' enough to go together. This crochet swim coverup dress is exactly the thing I need to make the outfit complete, and because I live near so many beaches I could wear it pretty much anywhere and always look like I fit in. At $22.99 I consider this a steal. (Now if only I could convince my husband that I really need it.)

The Swimsuit

As much as I would love to say that my body is bikini-ready... it just isn't. Between dealing with a serious illness and stressing out over finances during the past year, I've put on more weight than I'd like to admit. (Seriously, last month I saw myself in a full-length mirror and my husband had to gently break it to me that I've been overweight for a while. I was in extra-strength denial mode, lol!)

Although I'm still rocking a pretty powerful amount of self-esteem, I am at least aware that I should try to smooth out a few of my curves when I don a bathing suit this season. I love this ASSETS suit by Sara Blakely, not just because it is a Spanx-inclusive suit, but because the slightly rouched sides help to hide anything that might need hiding. The one thing keeping me from buying it straight-out is that the suit only comes in 'aqua', and I've never looked good in that color!

The Bag

This mesh polka dot tote is too cute! As the mom in the family, there is no doubt that a day at the beach means I'm going to end up holding everyone's stuff. Usually I cram it all (quite awkwardly, mind you) into my jumbo-sized purse and walk around looking like I thought going to the beach and back-packing were just about the same. I'll still have to carry diapers and sunglasses and lotions and sippy cups and snacks... but at least I'll look stylish doing it.

The Necklace

Every girl has to have accessories! I try to go for a necklace when I'm on the beach because a necklace looks great whether I'm wearing a cover-up or just my swimwear. I love this multi-colored bead necklace because of it's playful look. Plus, with so many colors I could match it to just about anything!

What's on your summer wish list?
Share with me in the comments below, I love talking to my readers!

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