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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Love getting free stuff? Check out the products I got from Influenster!

I received all of the products listed below for free from Influenster! To find out how you can start getting awesome VoxBoxes like this one, chat with me in the comments below!

I just love it when I see that I've qualified for a new VoxBox from Influenster. Everyone loves free stuff, and I get to try out all these nifty little items in exchange for completing mini-brand-challenges. (Which is pretty fun in itself, if you ask me!)

Playing Favorites

I definitely had an item I enjoyed the most this time around, and that was the coupon for a free Breyers Gelato Indulgences container. We picked up the Triple Chocolate flavor. Hubby and I pretty much destroyed the entire tub while we watched a few 30 Rock reruns on the couch. It was delicious, but we weren't fans of the white chocolate that got mixed in. (It just didn't mesh well with the other two kinds of chocolate.)

Breyers Gelato Indulgences Triple Chocolate

Not really a 'perk'.

I think the thing I liked the least in the VoxBox was the Fuel Rewards card. Yeah, it helped me save a little bit of gas, but anyone can pick one of these up at a Shell station. It was sort of like someone pulling one of those freebie coupons out of the dispenser at the store and then making a big production out of handing it to you. (Now a card for free gas... that would have been awesome.)

Fuel Rewards Card from Shell

Fun times were had by all...

I also received a bar of Ivory soap in our TLC VoxBox, which I used (of course) to blow up in the microwave as entertainment for the kids. And it was awesome. (At least, it was until my daughter tried to eat the foam and my 4-year-old made it "snow" in the living room. Note to self - next time this stuff gets played with outside.)

Ivory Soap Foam in Microwave, Before and After

Wrinkles? What wrinkles?

I'm a huge fan of Avon products, but I was a little sad that the Avon product we received was the ANEW Reversalist compact. I'm still a pretty young woman and (although I do have a wrinkle) I would have preferred to try out something that made me feel girly. That being said, the ANEW compact was pretty silky on my skin and I've been using it every day. It doesn't make my wrinkle go away, but it does help to hide it and smooth my skin a little.

Avon ANEW Reversalist Look

I blew my nose on my second-favorite...

No really. It was a to-go pack of Puffs tissues... with lotion. And I really ended up needing it when I drove up north for a quick trip to see my brother before he goes to Europe for a few years. Not because I was crying (it should be noted that country girls don't cry), but because I was sneezing like crazy. My allergies went into high-gear and I was a mess. It was nice to have some tissues on me because I usually end up using McDonald's napkins. (And those, of course, aren't nearly as kind to my nose as tissues with lotion.)

Puffs With Lotion To Go Pack

Last but not least:

I also received some Neo To Go spray, which is rather handy to have around. I stuck mine into our first aid kit so that the next time I need to fix up my one of my son's scrapes or cuts (which shouldn't be long) I'll be able to do it twice as fast.

First Aid Kit


I was a bit confused as to why this VoxBox theme was TLC. I can't really see a gas card or a bar of soap being considered TLC, and the gelato and wrinkle cream are a bit of a stretch to fit into that category as well. Regardless, the items were free and (as always) I had fun reviewing them.


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