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Thursday, July 31, 2014


Hey all, you know I'm generally pretty easy-going and all, but today I want to talk to you about something that is legitimately serious.

Save Net Neutrality #NetNeutrality

The internet could change soon, and in a really big and awful way. (If you think that this is just one of those crazy-conspiracy rants by the way - I've got news for you. It's already happening. Sprint will begin charging $12 per month extra as of August 9th just for access to an app like Facebook. --> http://www.droid-life.com/2014/07/30/12-a-month-for-facebook-sprint-tramples-over-net-neutrality-with-new-prepaid-plan/)

This won't just affect me as a blogger that speaks to thousands of people each day. This will affect you, your access to new thoughts and ideas, the way you see the world, your ability to do something as simple as watch a video on YouTube, or even afford the internet.

I'm talking about Net Neutrality.

Unfortunately, (as I'm sure we all very well know by now) the mainstream media isn't breaking this down to the American people in the best way because many of them are owned by the very companies that stand to make a lot more money off of you if they succeed. In other words - this is corruption at its finest.

I'm not going to go into a great length of details on this, because the video below explains it so epic-ly, but let me give you the rundown:

The former FCC chairman (you know, the guy that is supposed to be protecting us from this sort of thing) is now a cable industry lobbyist that is trying hard to make sure that your ISP (internet service provider) can make you pay more to access things like YouTube or Facebook. And (because this country can't seem to avoid corruption somehow...) the current chairman is - surprise! - a former cable industry lobbyist.

In addition, there's a pretty good chance that small businesses and bloggers like me will be seen last or not at all by end-users like you, because I won't be able to afford to pay a premium to get into the proposed 'fast-lane' that the cable companies want to impose. And as an end-user, there is also a good chance that you won't be able to afford to see the internet platforms I'm on, thanks to new and increased charges to access certain portions of the internet easier (like that Sprint article that I linked above).

This isn't just internet censorship, this is internet-destruction.

Is this really where you want your internet to go? Tell the FCC where you stand by going to DearFCC.org and demand that they keep the net neutral. It's our internet. It's our ideas, our goals, our passions, hopes & dreams. Don't let this freedom slip away without a fight!

Watch the videos below, then take a stand to join with
many others who are fighting for #NetNeutrality.

Please share this information as much as you possibly can.

My letter to the FCC on DearFCC.org reads as follows:

The Internet is important to me because, as a blogger and small business owner, I need to know that there will not be barriers between me and my readers and/or consumers. If ISP subscribers are being given only a portion of what the internet provides, there’s no way that I will be able to compete or succeed. As a country that was founded on Freedom itself, this is an abomination. Are we going to go backwards in time and destroy everything that so many men and women died to see succeed? Unjust taxation and corruption within the media and the lines of communication are truly a big part of the reason that America was born in the first place. As a citizen of the United States, you should be appalled at this entire issue. If you are for less freedoms for the internet, you are against the very core principles that our country has been built upon. Don't let America become a third-world country in the realm of innovation and information simply to line the pockets of those who are already rich beyond most people's wildest imaginations.

Thanks for your time all,

Your friendly MasterofMom.com blogger - Alicia Figueroa

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  1. This is scary! It's crazy how money is more powerful than our rights! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We need full disclosure and if things will be done without our knowledge or to secretly announce things how can we speak up and try to make changes? Awesome post!

    1. Thank you Debbie, I agree - it is scary! Hopefully one day things for our country will turn around.

  2. I have been hearing about this for awhile, but I know many people aren't aware. And as the previous commenter said, money always buys power, so I hope something can be done. Thanks for being another voice bringing this to people's attention!

    1. Thanks for commenting Teresa, I'm hoping that some of the bigger companies (like Google) who are opposing it will be able to hold off the impending changes until the people of our country can regroup and give some of our current corrupt officials the *banhammer* :)

  3. This is another instance of our freedoms, stealthily behind our backs, being taken away from us despite what is written in the Constitution. I truly hope enough of us can wake up and do something before it's too late!
    You are definitely doing your part and thanks so much for doing so!

    1. Well put! It's too bad that when stuff like this happens, the human interest & freedom-rights groups don't band up with bloggers to do a massive campaign. If anyone could get the word out, it would definitely be us!

  4. We already have major Internet issues here. I have made many posts about it.

    1. They haven't done anything to ours yet here that I've noticed... but I'm sure it's coming :(

  5. Didn't know about this--thanks for sharing it!!

  6. I heard that thetruthspyis kind of good app for this purpose. Is it?