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Friday, July 11, 2014

How-To Get Beautiful & Effortless Curls

Recently I was invited to try out the Silk Roller Set & Slumber Cap from Kimble Beauty. Although I received this item for free via BrandBacker in order to do this review, my words are 100% my own.

How to get easy and beautiful curls overnight

I've always had curly hair, but not the kind that make people point and say, "Ohhh, I wish my hair looked like that!" My hair is the kind that make people go, "Yikes. She needs to figure out a hairstyle."

Confession Time.

I confess: Since I've become a mom, my interest in making myself pretty is registering right around 100%. But my motivation to do so is registering right around 0%. (Perhaps you see my dilemma?)

It isn't that I don't want to take care of myself and look fabulous all the time... it's that my time is usually all taken up picking crayon chunks out of noses and wiping up juice spills. When I get a moment alone, I don't run for my make-up bag or hairbrush, I head to the bathroom so I can pee in peace. (Ah, the things my child-free self foolishly took for granted...)

I am constantly on the look-out for products that will make me look somewhat like my 20-year-old self without taking up too much time. So when I say that I've been consistently using these rollers from the first day I tried them, you can be sure that they're a keeper.

Celeb Endorsement:

Some of you might recognize the fact that these Kimble Beauty products (the silk roller set and the slumber cap) are from the line created by none other than Kim Kimble from L.A. Hair. She's worked her way to fame in this field, so you know that anything coming from her is going to be good! (Seriously, when I saw that I was for-real going to get these, I did a happy dance around the living room.)

My First Trial Run

The day before I put the rollers in for the first time, I took a picture. People are always saying things to me like, "You have curly hair? You're so lucky! You should wear it curly all the time!" No. I should not. My hair is curly, but it is a curly, wavy mess. Wearing my hair curly usually meant using a ton of product and wasting a lot of time on curls that were just so-so. This is why my go-to hairstyle for the last three years has been a sloppy ponytail-bun.

The difference between my mess-o-curls and the curls I got after using the silk rollers is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Get easy beautiful curls with silk roller set from Kim Kimble

Once again, I confess...

Since getting these, although it shames me to admit it some, I've spent a lot of time in the bathroom taking selfies. (No joke, the first day I spent about 10 minutes in there fluffing my hair and imagining I was a Highland princess.) I can't believe how good I look because it seems like there should be more work involved! The rollers are so easy to use, and they are super-soft on my hair because of all the silk padding. I've used other roller sets before and not only do they suck the moisture right out of my hair, but my hair tends to break off as well.

Set & Style

When I use the rollers, I generally roll them into my hair right after I've towel-dried my locks, then leave them set until they naturally dry. After I take the rollers out, I run my fingers through my hair with a bit of oil (currently using Arvazallia) and it's done. So simple even I have time for it!

Silk roller set and slumber cap from Kim Kimble. Hair in rollers.


I can't consider these 'real' cons, because in no way does it impact my want/need for this product. But I like to give a thorough review, so here goes:

  • Wash the slumber cap before you use it. It had a bit of a new-car smell when I first wore it, and it was noticeable enough that I took it off. A quick wash takes care of it and you're back to using this silky cap to protect your curls-in-progress.
  • Give yourself time to get those curls! These rollers are made of silk - it's high quality stuff that won't suck the moisture out of your hair... which means it won't suck the moisture out of your hair. So if you're hoping that you'll be able to let your hair air-dry in them in just a few hours, think again. Hair as long as mine takes 7-8 hours to set properly. If you really need to speed your curls along, I recommend letting your hair fully dry first, spritzing until slightly damp, and then using the rollers.

Guess what? You get a discount!

Let's review. These rollers are awesome, so why wouldn't you want a set of your own? Because you are my readers, I am able to offer a special discount just for you! You can get 10% off your shopping cart at www.701nyc.com by entering the code " hair10 " at checkout. Click HERE to go straight to the Silk Roller Set.


You can check out what Kimble Beauty has to offer by taking a peek in their online store at HERE. Then, stay in the loop by following Kimble Beauty in social media on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you ever tried a roller set? What do you think of my Before & After pics above?
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