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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Happy's made my kids REALLY happy!

Recently I was able to test out The Happy's toys, courtesy of Cepia, LLC, and MomSelect! Although I was given free items in order to participate in this review campaign, please know that my words are always 100% my own. The content in this post and on this site uses affiliate links. If you have more questions about this, please refer to my disclosure & policy listed above.

The Happy's Toy Review

I was so excited when I saw that I was chosen to help out with this campaign! My kids are big fans of electronic toys, and even bigger fans of animals. The Happy's combines the best of both worlds in an adorable way!

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the post to find a huge selection of currently available The Happy's toys!

What are The Happy's?

The Happy's are a group of furry, fun electronic pets that make your kids pretty darn happy. (My kids acted like it was Christmas when they received theirs!)

There are currently four different pets available to choose from, plus a few special edition ones that I was only able to find on Amazon. The pet that we received is a white cat named Mittens.

So what do these little guys do?

We've all seen the little robotic animals before - like the flipping puppy at the mall for instance - but I was genuinely impressed with all the moves our The Happy's pet did. Not only do they zip around (really, these things get some speed going!) but they twirl, do tricks, and can even home in on their treats! To top it off, they have a few really nifty toys (we received the tennis ball) that they actually interact with!

My favorite part?

The best thing for me was that the treats are interchangeable. You don't have to buy a specific treat or toy for any animal, they can all be used together! It was a ton of fun to watch our kitten come racing through the kids' playroom so she could get to her treat.

Yeah that's right. An electronic pet with treats.

At first I thought that the little yellow fish-shaped object that came with our kitten was a remote control. Far from it! These little pets are already pretty smart on their own - so you don't need anything to guide them directional-wise. What I actually had was an electronic treat.

I quickly discovered that our kitten would respond when the button on the treat was pushed, causing her to come from wherever she was in the room and then twirl in a circle as if begging for the treat as soon as she got close to it. I thought that was awesome!

The toys work in a similar fashion. You can purchase extra toys for your pet at the same place you buy The Happy's. When the toy is activated, your pet will actually play with the toy!

Sounds cool right?! It is.

My only problems?

First of all, you're going to want to buy one pet per child. I quickly found this out when my 18-month-old was so ecstatic about the kitten that she wouldn't stop picking it up. That of course caused my 4-year-old to get quite upset and it took a few days before they were able to share the toy nicely. (Mommy problems, am I right?!)

The other notable thing is that you need a flat surface to play with The Happy's pets. The manufacturer recommends a floor that is hardwood or tiled for instance, but I noticed that our kitten got stuck a few times in some of the deeper grooves in the playroom since the tile there is quite old. However, I did have a lot of success playing with our The Happy's kitten on short carpet when I was visiting at a relative's house. Regardless of any of the areas we played with our pet, it always got itself unstuck quite easily.

Where to buy:

You can get your very own The Happy's pets at Amazon, Target, ToysRus, Walmart, Justice or Learning Express. (You can click any of the pictures listed below to purchase one of these directly through the toy-maker on Amazon! If you purchase through one of these links, I'll receive a commission to help keep my blog going!)

The Happy's Interactive Pet White Kitten Mittens       




Want to see all the cool pets, treats and toys that make up The Happy's line? Visit their website at www.TheHappys.com, or stay in touch via social media on Google+, Facebook, or YouTube!

What do you think of The Happy's? Is it something you would buy for your kids?
Watch the video below to see our The Happy's toy in action!

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