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Friday, July 18, 2014

Best platform I've seen for bloggers? Univhers.com

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to check out a site called Univhers. I was impressed with the site from the very start: It's clean, well laid-out, creative, and fun.

But what really hooked me was what an incredible platform it is for bloggers to use! (You can read my original overall review of Univhers here.)

The site, Univhers.com, is geared towards users who would like to blog, but just don't have the time or knowledge to start a blog of their own. Users are invited to post mini-articles on the site by choosing a type of post and a photo to advertise it on the front page.

Because of the way it was set-up to accommodate those who would like to blog, it ends up being an incredible platform for those who are already blogging!

Here are some of the awesome benefits that Univhers has to offer to bloggers:

You can create a quick & easy teaser for your articles.

Have a post talking about how to make hats? An article outlining some great summer deals? A write-up that includes a few of your favorite things? You can make any of your articles into a teaser to draw some traffic to your site by using the easy pre-formatted posts at Univhers.

Take a look at this article I did on Univhers with a tip about dealing with bedwetting. I only posted one tip up, but in the recommendations section, I listed the original article. In the notes section I added that more tips could be found on my post. Users that come across my article and like the mini-post I wrote can easily click through to find the rest. Easy for me, easy for them.

Recent Interaction = More Visibility

In the social media world, timing can be everything. A stellar tweet can fall flat on its face for no other reason than lack of an immediate retweet. A Facebook post can be buried under a deluge of wedding photos. A pin can be lost because the right users weren't on to see & repin it when it was posted. Usually, if you don't hit your target audience within the first few minutes, your visibility for that post is already circling the drain.

Univhers is different though because it doesn't matter when you post. If someone scrolls through and sees your post and interacts with it (via commenting, saving, or sharing) - it moves straight to the top of the Univhers homepage. This means that at any given time, anyone can be viewing your article as if it were brand new. The articles essentially become timeless because every time it catches someone's eye it gets a new lease on life.

Go ahead. Link-Drop.

Have an affiliate link or discount code that you would just looove to share because you get a commission? Have at it! Not only can you write a mini-article about a particular product, venue, brand, etc... but you can list your affiliate link in the recommendations. If people like what they see and choose to buy, you'll make a little bit of money.

Get Paid to be Featured?!

To top it all off, Univhers allows bloggers and popular figures to become 'Friend of the Week' on their site. After speaking with the site's owner, I found out that not only is this a great way to get your name and information a little bit more exposure, but I discovered that there is a sponsorship for this program in the works! That means instead of paying to get yourself featured, you will be the one getting paid. How often does an opportunity like that come up? More people will discover who you are and, thanks to a few of the site's sponsors, you'll be getting a perk on top of it.

Coming soon... social follow buttons for posters?

Another great perk that is in the process of being added are social follow buttons for anyone posting on the site. That means that if people like what they see in your mini-posts on Univhers, they'll be able to quickly and easily follow you on social media just by clicking the buttons next to your profile picture!


If you're curious about this new social media site, I highly suggest you go and check it out. Since I've started using this site, my daily site hits have gone up significantly. Head over to Univhers.com to get started on your profile, then make sure to follow them in social media on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Have you signed up with Univhers yet? What do you think of the site?
Chat with me in the comments below, I love hearing from my readers!

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