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Monday, July 7, 2014

Want to check out a great new social media platform? It's called Univhers, and it's for women!

I found out about Univhers through Business2Blogger. Although this post has been sponsored, please know that my opinions are always 100% my own.

Lately I've found myself more and more 'on edge' with Facebook. They don't show me what I want to see (other than about a bajillion posts from my momma...) and I see less & less of what I really like in my feeds: Photos.

Photos. And recipes. And tips from my fave bloggers. Quick meal ideas & ways to clean my house faster.

I didn't sign up for social media so that I could see bland ads promoted in my feed, and I didn't sign up so that I could see mundane pictures of food with #hashtags #that #don't #make #sense #like #these #ones.

I also don't need to see a massive influx of pictures (for seven days straight) from every single family member for a wedding that I didn't get invited to (poor me) even though I know the reason is that I live about 1500 miles away and have no cash to get there. (You know I'm not coming, and I know I'm not coming, but that doesn't mean I don't want that pity-invite!)


Anyhow... it came as an awesome surprise to me last week when I started checking out a new site called Univhers.com. Since then, I've told pretty much all my friends about the site and I plan to be on there every day. Here are the awesome reasons why:

Univhers is K.I.S.S.

Keepin' It Simple, Silly. (Yeah I know that isn't the saying, but my mom wouldn't let us say 'stupid' growing up, and old habits die hard!) I love how easy-to-read and browse the layout of Univhers is. Basically when you sign up, you have a few different options: You can start posting right away, you can ask questions of the community, or you can share & comment on the posts that others have left.

Header at Univhers.com

The layout is very straightforward and simple - in a good way! When you post, the type of post you choose to do will determine what the layout of your 'article'. For instance, if you choose to leave a recipe, your posting boxes will change into a format perfect for a recipe. Check out this Mango Salsa Recipe I found on the site:

Recipe Post at Univhers.com

As you can see, the post above is in the perfect format for leaving a recipe. This is to keep everything looking 'neat' on the site. If you choose to leave something like a tip instead, your text boxes will change so that you have a tip, advice, and note box to fill out. Check out my Univhers post below with a tip on dealing with bedwetting so you can see how the format changes:

Tips & Advice at Univhers.com

I love how easy it is to fill in the boxes with a quick tip, and I especially love that I can leave 'Recommendations' at the bottom of my post! This isn't just limited to recommending an original article though (like I did with my blog post)... You can recommend products, stores, or even give the location of where-to-buy a particular item!

I suggest checking out a few other posts before you post any of your own articles so that you can get an idea for how your post will look when it's finished. This will help you determine what to write in each box.

Quite Possibly Definitely My Favorite Feature:

The very first thing I noticed after I interacted with someone else's post on this site, was that it got moved to the top of the homepage. That is awesome! It means that the things that are clicked on and commented on and shared on - those are the things people are going to see first! This not only combats the problem of recycling older content now and again for all to see, but it helps people to quickly find the things that others have found helpful.

Homepage screenshot from Univhers.com

Go ahead. Pick your Favorites.

See a post you love? A recipe you want to try? You can favorite it. Whenever you revisit the site, it will be there waiting for you in your Favorites section like a mini-pin-board. Want to share it with a friend? You can do that too! Just click on the share button featured on every mini post and you'll find a plethora of ways you can share it.

Favorites Screenshot from Univhers.com

Don't forget your friendy-friends!

What social media platform would be complete without your social circle? Finding friends on Univhers is easy, and if your friends aren't currently using the site, inviting them is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

The Best Platforms are Interactive

I think this site really hits the nail on the head with their unique broadcasting structure. Anytime you post, ask a question, or send a note, you have the option of choosing who will see it. You can choose whether the things you create & post are seen by everyone, a handful of people, or just your friends. These items will appear in your Daily Feed. Check out the screenshot below:

Daily Feed Screenshot on Univhers.com

Right now my feed contains my post (that I allowed to be seen by everyone), a note from Univhers creator, Natasha, to me (that only I can see), and a question I sent out that anyone could answer (which can obviously be seen by everyone).

When you see an item in your feed that interests you, just click on the text. It will pop up into a larger screen so that you can answer it back or inspect it more closely. If your feed is full of new items, just click 'Show All' and you'll see a list of recent postings from others on the site.

Last but not least...

This site loves on its members. And by that I mean they have a Friend of the Week program. It's a tip-o-the-old-hat. A nod of the head. A spotlight shining down to make one member feel super-duper special for a whole week. It's a great way to make new friends and get your articles and face seen by the rest of the platform. (Don't worry, it's completely voluntary to sign up for!) So if you're looking for that extra nudge of visibility, applying for Friend of the Week is a great way to do it.

Friend of the Week Screenshot on Univhers.com

So let's review...

I love this site. I love this site. Cheesy? Yes. True? Most definitely.


Want to check out Univhers for yourself? You can sign-up to be a member at Univhers.com! Or, stay in touch with them via Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook.

Have you heard of Univhers? What do you like best about the site?
Chat with me in the comments below, I love talking with my readers!

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