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Friday, August 15, 2014

Makeup by One Direction "Up All Night" Kit Tutorial & Review

Up All Night Makeup Collection by One Direction Review Tutorial

I love trying out new makeup products, especially when they come in collections!

This One Direction collection is one of three different sets currently being produced in Limited Edition tins. Each set is a different "look" and is named after a different album. The one pictured here is the "Up All Night" collection.

I received this kit for free from BrandBacker, through Markwin's International (the company producing this line for One Direction) but of course as always my ideas & opinions are my own.

On to the good stuff!

What's the kit come with?

It comes with a 4+1 Eye Shadow Palette in blues & neutrals, a black volumizing mascara, an aqua-blue metallic nail varnish, a glitter pink lip gloss that glows neon orange under a UV light (too cool!), a bubblegum pink lipstick, a dark blue eye & body crayon, and a 5 piece stencil decorator set so that you can decorate yourself or your stuff (I called them tattoos in my video, but I totally meant to say stencils!)

What did I think of this kit?

Honestly, this was a good look for me. I love wearing fun, bright colors that show off my playful side, and this collection definitely did the job. In my husband's words, I looked "young and hot!" Anytime my hubs thinks I'm lookin'-good, I'm sold.

The Good:

I actually loved everything except the mascara and the nail varnish. The eye & body crayon has a smooth glide, the lip products looked amazing, and blues with neutrals are one of my favorite color-combos for eye shadow.

Makeup by One Direction Up All Night Collection

The So-So:

I didn't hate the mascara or the nail varnish, but they weren't my faves. The mascara is just your run-of-the-mill drugstore quality (not necessarily a bad thing) but I love a mascara that really brings out the curl on my lashes. As for the nail varnish, it had a nice color and good shimmer, but it took too long to get it just right. I don't have a lot of time as a mom to wait for nail-polish/paint/varnish to dry so that I can apply multiple coats. If I spend more than 10 minutes on my nails, I start to get antsy. (And my kids start trying to break down the bathroom door!)

My Favorite Thing:

Oh my goodness the lip gloss is amazing! I love, love, love the color and adore the applicator tip. I have a love-hate relationship with brush applicators because I adore how soft and pliable they are but I get icked out by the thought of gunk getting stuck in the bristles. This lip gloss came with an applicator that had all the smooth movements of a brush applicator with none of the gunk-hiding bristles. And because hot-pink is one of my most-wanted shades, the pop of bright color was a definite plus in my book!

I Almost Forgot...

I didn't use the stencils. I just turned 30, so I'm a little bit past the body-art phase of my life, but I'm gonna hang onto them for my next 80's theme-party!

We've got a video!!

You can watch me create my "Up All Night" look in the video below! Find out more about the makeup collections from One Direction (including where-to-buy and release dates) on my info post HERE.


You can find out more about this makeup line by visiting the Makeup by One Direction Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MakeupByOneDirection.

What did you think of this look? Are you a fan of One Direction's new makeup line?
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