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Saturday, August 23, 2014

You won't believe which diaper brand is my favorite... Hint: It's a store brand.

Well Beginnings Diaper Review

When you think of "quality" diapers, popular name brands are probably the first ones that come to mind. When people think about buying "cheap" diapers though, they usually think of store-brand diapers that are perceived to be flimsy.

I've actually discovered a diaper that is both inexpensive and high-quality, and it's not from my usual grocery or super store.

The diapers I found were at Walgreens.

I discovered these thanks to a helpful pharmacist who asked if I'd tried the diapers in their Well Beginnings line yet. I hadn't, and when I checked them out, I was thrilled to see that they were not only cheaper than my usual name-brand, but they came with more diapers!

When Moms Meet (a site I absolutely love for finding great products) asked me if I'd like to apply for a campaign promoting this brand, I hopped on-board with confidence. Although I received a Well Beginnings product package from Moms Meet for free in order to do my review, please know that my opinions and ideas are my own.

So what makes these diapers so great?

In addition to being affordable, these diapers were fantastically leak-free. I also discovered that the Newborn, Size 1 and Size 2 diapers all come with a wetness indicator that turns blue when baby needs a change. That means you'll be able to find out whether your little one needs a new diaper without disturbing them too much!

Made in USA diapers, snug fit, & affordable.

Did our baby have leaks?

For the most part, we had zero leaks. However, we did have one of those "Number 3" moments, which is really only something a parent can understand, and it's difficult to explain it in words. (This commercial from an Australian company captures the sentiment quite nicely though.) We got through our #3, but not without a bit of "Oh-my-goodness it's on the bed!!! Somebody do something!!!" being screamed by both my husband and I. Barring an episode like this though (by the way, don't feed your baby apple juice and applesauce in the same meal or you will have this episode) these diapers hold up really well.

Another great selling point?

These diapers are made in the U.S.A. Why is that good? Because 'Murica! Seriously though, as someone that grew up in the Midwest I can honestly say that having products manufactured in the US is not only great for our country because it promotes a good economy, but because in some instances a single factory can be the difference between a community's success or failure. My own hometown is largely dependent on the factories around us, and whenever they close or have big cutbacks, hundreds of families are left in desperate need.

Well Beginnings isn't just for diapers though...

This line has lots of products that will fit your baby needs! Wipes, baby wash, baby powder, training pants, etc. I was sent some baby wipes, baby wash, and pediatric electrolyte solution in addition to the diapers, and I was just as happy with those products as I was with the diapers. I haven't used the electrolyte solution because (thankfully) my kiddos are feeling fine for now, but if we get into a situation where dehydration is a possibility I will definitely write a separate review.

As for the wipes:

They were nice and soft. I loved that they were gentle but thick. Some thick wipes bother me because it feels like I'm just sliding the "mess" around on my baby's bum, but these actually absorb the yucky stuff without feeling flimsy.

Well Beginnings Baby Wipes

As for the baby wash:

It was awesome! My daughter is a wiggle-worm in the tub, so I've got to wash her in a rush. The fact that this doubled as a shampoo was a time-saver for me. Usually I don't care for the 2-in-1 type of products because I've seen so many that cause my hair to be coarse, but this left my little sweetie's hair soft and manageable. Just look at that mop of pretty curls!

Well Beginnings Baby Wash

Bonus #MomHack!

Because Well Beginnings is a big supporter of moms helping other moms, they've asked me to share one of my #MomHacks! Mine is that I got my kids to love salads by cutting up chicken nuggets on top of lettuce and adding a little cheese and ranch dressing. It's super-easy to prepare, and because kids tend to associate nuggets with food-happiness, they will devour it in no time! My kids both ask for salad now when we go grocery shopping, and I think that is pretty awesome.


I am definitely happy with this product line. I was already a fan before this campaign, and I hope that any moms out there who are reading this will take this brand for a test-drive.


You can find the Well Beginnings product line exclusively at Walgreens. Find out more on their website at www.Walgreens.com/WellBeginnings or connect with them through social media on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Twitter!

Have you tried these diapers before? What's most important to you about a diaper?
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