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Friday, August 8, 2014

Can you get luxury in a movie theater? The answer is yes!

Cinebistro at Dolphin Mall, Miami

The last time I went to a movie theater I spent the entire time precariously balancing a tub of popcorn on my lap and trying to share a cup-holder with my husband. It wasn't ideal, and as much as I love being close to my hubby, I was squished.

I'm also not a very graceful person, so not only did I have a hard time balancing the popcorn bucket every time I had the need to maneuver around (I'm also a fidgety person, apparently), but I kept dropping those overly-expensive buttery kernels on the floor. Not cool.

Last month I was invited to attend a day for mommy-bloggers at the Dolphin Mall in Miami. Not only was it the best time I've ever had at any mall anywhere, but I was so impressed with the movie theater there. I was compensated for my time at the mall (I think I have the best job ever, amirite?) but same as always, my opinions are my own.

But don't just take my word for it... check out these amazing pics I took while at Cinebistro:

No, the fantastic seating area you see below isn't someone's living room or a display in a furniture store. This is the lobby at Cinebistro. Don't want to walk around and wait for your movie to start? Come sit in Cinebistro's lobby and have a drink instead.

The lobby at Cinebistro in Dolphin Mall Miami

That's right, I said a drink, and that's because this movie theater has its own bar. And not just any bar. This one is all glammed up and even plays old movies for patrons to watch while they sip their cocktails.

The bar at Cinebistro in the Dolphin Mall, Miami

Dessert anyone? In addition to a menu full of choices that include options like steak (yes, steak in a movie theater!) you can order something decadent to finish off a special date night, or just give yourself a treat.

Desserts at Cinebistro in the Dolphin Mall in Miami

The Cinebistro theaters hold less than your average place, but for good reason! A movie-going experience here means that you'll be comfortable and then some! Make sure that you make reservations on a site like Fandango since this place tends to get really busy at show-time.

Theater at Cinebistro in Dolphin Mall, Miami

And check out these seats! They have their own tray-table (perfect for eating your meal after the kitchen staff serves it to you!) and the double cup holder removes any spouse-ly fighting over who gets to place their drink in the plastic hole. As you can see from my selfie on the right, these chairs are huge.

Theater seating at Cinebistro in Dolphin Mall, Miami

If you're thinking to yourself, "Sounds great, but I never get a night without my kids..." I feel your pain. That's why the real selling point for me was that this movie theater - wait for it - shows children's movies on a regular basis!!!

Do you hear that sound? It's that fanfare noise that happens every time something wonderful happens in life. Yes, tired mommies & hard-working daddies, you too can enjoy luxury and comfort in a movie theater while your kid is hypnotized by Pixar's latest feature film.

So, let's review.

Steak? Check. Drinks? Check-check. Kids being good because their little minds are occupied with robots, singing princesses and/or talking cars? Triple-check. Now go relax. You deserve it.


Want to know more? (You know you do.) You can find a Cinebistro near you (they have 7 locations in GA, FL, CO, and VA) by going to www.cobbcinebistro.com. Keep up with the latest deals & promotions for the Miami location in Dolphin Mall by following them on Facebook or Twitter.

What do you think of Cinebistro? Have you ever been to a luxury movie theater?
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