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Friday, August 29, 2014

Zero Calorie Soda with NO artificial sweeteners? It's possible... but does it taste good?

Zevia Taste Test and Review

Soda is full of calories (thanks to sugar), but the usual chemical alternatives (aspartame for instance) are usually linked to diseases such as cancer. And "all-natural" alternatives are often presumed to taste bad.

Do they though? We put four kids & a mom to the test with Zevia sodas (made with stevia as a sweetener) to find out!

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A Few Zevia Facts!

  • Zevia is sweetened naturally with a blend of high-purity Stevia (grown in the US!) and Monk Fruit.
  • Zevia comes in 15 different flavors so everyone can get their favorite!
  • Zevia contains no calories, sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • Zevia is kosher, vegan and gluten-free.
  • Zevia retails in a 6-pack for anywhere between $3.99 and $5.99.

Our Testers:

In addition to our mom-tester (gotta have mom's stamp of approval, right?) we enlisted four volunteers (two boys and two girls) between the ages of 4 & 12 to test out the Zevia soda. "L" is an 9-year-old girl; "N" is a 12-year-old girl; "B" is a 4-year-old boy; "J" is a 7-year-old boy. And our mom tester says she's been "21" for the past decade. Check out the test results & commentary below!

Zevia Root Beer

"L" & our mom tester both thought the same: "The first taste is good, but the aftertaste isn't."
"N" says: "It's good, but I don't like the aftertaste.
"J" & "B" both think it tastes good all-around.
Percent of our testers that would drink the Zevia Root Beer again? 100%

Zevia Cola

"L" & "N" agreed: "The first taste is just like Pepsi, but the aftertaste is like off-brand cola."
Our mom tester, "J", and "B" all liked the cola flavor and agreed it was better than the root beer.
Percent of our testers that would drink the Zevia Cola again? 100%

Dr. Zevia

"L" says: "It tastes like really healthy strawberry soda.
"N": "It tastes like candy."
"J": "I think it tastes like cherries."
Our mom tester and "B" both liked it. Everyone agreed it was better than the root beer and cola flavor.
Percent of our testers that would drink the Dr. Zevia again? 100%

Dr. Zevia, Zevia Cola, Zevia Ginger Root Beer

Zevia Cream Soda

"L": "Aftertaste is medicine-y."
"N": "Really good at the start but the aftertaste is bitter."
"J": "I think it tastes like fizzy root beer."
Our mom tester: "After the kids said it was a bitter, I thought I wouldn't like it, but I think it tastes pretty good!"
"B" sat the rest of the tests out after this one because his tiny tummy had about as much carbonation as it could take for the afternoon!
Percent of our testers that would drink the Zevia Cream Soda again? 50%

Zevia Black Cherry

"L": "Smells good, but tastes bad. I thought this would be my favorite."
"N": "Definitely better than the cream soda, this is my favorite so far."
"J": "I love it!"
Our mom tester: "It's better than I thought it would be."
Percent of our testers that would drink the Zevia Black Cherry again? 75%

Mountain Zevia

"L": "Tastes like sweet kiwis, but I don't like kiwis."
"N": "Tastes like citrus water. I think people who like citrus would like this, but I don't like citrus."
"J": "I love it!"
Our mom tester: "The taste is okay, but it doesn't smell very good!"
Percent of our testers that would drink the Mountain Zevia again? 25%

Caffeine Free Zevia Cola

"L": "I wouldn't drink this again."
"N": "It's not my favorite, but I like it better than Mountain Zevia."
"J": "I like it but it isn't my favorite either."
Our mom tester: "I don't care for it. It's missing something."
Percent of our testers that would drink the Caffeine Free Zevia Cola again? 25%

Caffeine Free Zevia Cola, Mountain Zevia, Zevia Black Cherry, Zevia Cream Soda

Zevia Orange

"N": "It has a bad aftertaste but I love it on the first taste."
"L": "It's good, but it has a bitter aftertaste."
"J": "Hey! I like this one a lot!"
Our mom tester: "It's a bit too bitter for me."
Percent of our testers that would drink the Zevia Orange again? 25%

Zevia Lemon Lime

"L": "It's just okay."
"N": "Starts good, but ends bad."
"J": "I love this one too!"
Our mom tester: "This one is just okay."
Percent of our testers that would drink the Zevia Lemon Lime again? 50%

Zevia Grape

"N": "This is surprisingly good! It tastes like the regular [name-brand] grape soda."
"L": "Smells like grape candy and tastes similar."
"J": "I love it, this flavor is very awesome."
Our mom tester: "This one is good!"
Percent of our testers that would drink the Zevia Grape again? 100%

Zevia Gingerale

"L": "Yuck!"
"N": "It's good!"
"J": "Totally awesome!"
Our mom tester: "This is pretty good gingerale!"
Percent of our testers that would drink the Zevia Gingerale again? 75%

Zevia Ginger Ale, Zevia Lemon Lime Twist, Zevia Grape, Zevia Orange

Zevia Grapefruit

"L": "What? This is the best one!"
"N": "I don't like grapefruit, but I like this!"
"J": "This was definitely the very best one."
Our mom tester: "Wow, this is surprising. I didn't think I would like this flavor, but this turns out to be the best of all!"
Percent of our testers that would drink the Zevia Grapefruit again? 100%

Our Mom Tester Sums It Up:

"I think that in an ideal situation, this is the type of beverage that is perfect for someone who already has cut sugar out of their regular eating habits for dietary reasons or otherwise. After you get bit by the sugar-bug, it's hard to let go! I noticed that "J" had an easier time accepting all the sodas, and I think it's because he hasn't been given many sweet sodas in his lifetime. While I'm not certain how completely I trust the stevia ingredient at this point, I know that it's a lot better than aspartame. This is definitely one to think on, and I'm going to share this with my diabetic friends for sure - this would be a game-changer for them. It's also nice to know that if I decide to do a low-carb diet again, this will be here waiting for me. I got so sick of drinking "just water" last time I dieted!"


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