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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Want to feed your pet something amazing? Get Petbrosia.

Petbrosia Dog Food Review

I'm sure that at some point in life, you've spoken to your doctor, or maybe a nutritionist, about the types of food you eat. By the time we reach adulthood, many of us know what foods we need to steer clear of if we want to lose weight or avoid an upset stomach.

The foods that are right for our optimum health are partly based off of our activity levels and genetic makeup. We would never create a blend of food for people that was a one-size-fits-all because there just isn't any such thing.

So why do we think it should be any different for our dogs?

Our dog-food dilemma:

Since we brought our pup into the family, we've been concerned with feeding her the right foods. Sometimes we even make her a special doggy-dish of beans and rice with healthy ingredients like chicken & carrots to round it out. Cooking for your dog is probably one of the healthiest things you can do for him or her, but unfortunately not everyone has the time for this. (I know I don't!)

While our Casey still enjoys her "home-cooked" meal once or twice a month, for the most part we have to buy dog food. We don't want to feed her just anything though! Have you ever checked the ingredients on some of those dog food brands at the store? Even the ones that claim to be healthier have corn meal listed as a first ingredient! Last I checked, dogs liked meat better than corn, and corn does a number on their stomach. (And then your dog does a number on your yard. All over your yard.)

So what to do?

While there are a lot of different premium dog foods out there that don't have corn meal as a first ingredient, I have never seen a mix like the one I received from Petbrosia. They sent me a bag to try for free in order to do my review, but as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

What makes Petbrosia different?

They don't just give your dog good food, they give you good food for your dog. Before you can even make a purchase, you have to fill out a questionnaire that asks for specific details about your furriest family member. How much does he or she weigh? What breed? How much activity? Favorite color? (Okay, I made that last one up, but the rest are true!) What all that adds up to is ensuring that you pet gets the perfect blend of nutrients to give them long-lasting health benefits.

Petbrosia dog food kibble size

Are the ingredients high-quality?

You betcha. In addition to having ingredients that are already foods that I recognize the name of (carrots, blueberries, potatoes, chicken...) each blend has antibiotic-free and hormone-free meat as a first ingredient and has NO corn, wheat, soy, gluten, or artificial colors/flavors. You can find out more about their ingredients here. (And, check out info on their amazing grain-free salmon blend available for cats or dogs here!)

Petbrosia Ingredient List

Did my dog like it?

Very much so! As a matter of fact, our dog spent a good chunk of time sitting by the bowl the first time we gave her the food, hoping that if she pouted long enough we would give her some more. Thankfully, each order from Petbrosia comes with a its own specific feeding guidelines, so we knew exactly how much she was able to have. (She would have liked to eat the whole bag, so it was probably an extra-good thing that the bags are resealable, too!)

Dogs love Petbrosia dog food.


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Want to check out Petbrosia and purchase some for your pet? Visit them on their website at www.petbrosia.com to get started. Stay connected via social media for the latest updates, news & discounts by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn or YouTube.

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