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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Traveling with a baby? Check out the Omni 3-in-1 Travel System! Sponsored by #UrbiniBaby through #MC.

I participated in a Blog Blast on behalf of Mom Central for Urbini. I received information from Urbini to facilitate my post as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Since becoming a mom, one of my main goals has been to 'do-it-all'. This is a task that seems easy enough when you are still in those early blissful weeks when it's just you and baby (and people are still dropping off casseroles and gifts). Like all dreams though, this one ends too, and it usually starts with the first trip outside the house.

I was a wreck the first time I went grocery shopping with the baby by myself. I loaded the baby in first (worried someone might steal him), the whole time worrying that the cart would roll away (which it did), and then after I finally got the cart back and the groceries loaded, I left the cart in the parking lot for the first time. I didn't want to leave that baby in the car by himself for 30 seconds while I ran the cart over to the corral.

Since that confusing day, I've learned a lot about heading out with children, and I've even made three 24-hour road trips with two kids, all by myself! (It wasn't easy, but I did it!)

How did I do it?

I streamlined my traveling routines. Whether heading to the playground, another state, or just a trip to the store - I make sure that I'm traveling light & well-prepared. I search high and low for products that will help to make my day go smoother because - as a busy mom - every second counts!

That's why I love featuring companies like Urbini, who make an effort to provide stylish & adaptable products that help parents to care for, protect, and nurture their little ones. For a mom like me, that means a day on the run isn't something to dread! Last year, Urbini launched as a new brand and debuted it's first three products in the US at Walmart stores. One of those products was the Omni 3-in-One Travel System.

Urbini Omni-3-in-1 Stroller

What's the Omni 3-in-1?

The Omni 3-in-1 is a cool travel system that offers a variety of strolling options to fit your needs as your baby grows. From nesting in an infant car seat, to relaxing in a cozy bassinet, and then finally riding in the convertible stroller seat, this travel system makes sure your child is protected and comfortable at every stage. (Bonus! Your child can ride in the stroller seat forward facing or parent-facing!) This travel system became so popular when first released that it sold out in just one month! Thankfully, it's back in stock for a new wave of moms & dads to enjoy and use.

Special Features:

The Omni 3-in-1 Travel System has a variety of stroller options with numerous capabilities.
Babies can lay comfortably in the detachable Petal Infant Car Seat, or stay cozy in the built-in bassinet. (Psst, using the car seat means you can transfer a napping baby from car to stroller or vice versa with no interruptions to their nap!) Toddlers can ride in the convertible stroller seat facing forward to see the sights, or facing mom or dad for a comforting & secure feeling.

Where can you find the Omni 3-in-1?

Urbini products are sold exclusively at Walmart stores and online at Walmart.com. In addition to the Omni 3-in-1, you also might want to check out Urbini's Hummingbird Stroller or Urbini's Touri travel system. The Hummingbird is the world's lightest full-featured stroller with (get this) a one-handed closing capability!! The Touri is the ultimate on-the-go travel system and includes a stroller and Petal Infant Car Seat.


You can check out Urbini on their website HERE. Or, visit them in social media to stay up-to-date on the latest news & deals via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Thinking of making a purchase? You can see the Walmart product page HERE to see what's in stock near you and online.

Have you ever struggled while traveling with baby? Would this travel system help you?
Chat with me in the comments below, I love talking with my readers!

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