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Monday, September 8, 2014

Make Your Face Flawless With SheerCover!

SheerCover Studio Review by Alicia Figueroa

There are some days I wake up and wonder what on earth is going on with my face.

Although my skin is usually quite naturally flawless, when I finally do break out, it isn't pretty. Lately my problem hasn't been break-outs so much as just all-around facial-blah.

Between moving across the country & back to my hometown, being sick, having hay fever and spending countless hours jumping up at night to check on my equally sick-and-snotty babies... my skin has decided to take a vacation. (And by that I mean I look like a hot mess.)

So my options seemed pretty simple: Either hide in my house all day to avoid being seen by everyone (because this town is the size of a gnat's hat and I haven't been to a single place without running into someone I know) OR, find a way to hide my facial flaws until my skin decides that it's okay to come out and play.

Luckily for me, I had been sent a SheerCover make-up kit through my connections with ModernMom. I got the kit for free in order to do the review, but my opinions are still my own (as always!)

My sickest apologies...

This was totally going to be a video review, but over the course of the day my voice has been getting continuously hoarser. Although I'm not a raging mess of sickness anymore, I didn't think anyone wanted to hear me try to squeak out random sentences in a YouTube video, so this is gonna be one of them old-fashioned picture tutorials instead.

So let's begin!

Ooo, Instructions!

First off, the kit I was sent from SheerCover Studio comes with a handy-dandy booklet that is pretty much like a road-map to making your face blemish/redness/splotchy-free. This was especially appreciated by me, not just because I can be ever-so-slightly blonde when I'm trying out a new product, but because when I'm sick my brain no like to think thoughts. Instructions = Good.

(Side note: I just discovered that when your voice is this hoarse it is I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E to holler at your husband to do anything. #NaggingWifeFail)

Look Away! It's Medusa!

Okay, so it's not that bad, but here is a picture of me (a HORRIBLE picture of me, mind you) looking like I'm about to give up on the day.

No makeup picture

Time to be boo-ti-ful.

Once I opened up the kit, it was pretty easy to tell what was what. You have your primer base (which for some reason reminded me of an adhesive), a trio concealer (two shades plus a brightener), mineral foundation (blends great!), and a triple-shade bronzer palette. To top it off was a mascara & fiber combo meant to make your lashes as long & full as possible.

Sheer Cover Studio Review by Master of Mom

The Primer

After putting the primer on, I'll be honest, I wanted to immediately wash it off. It felt like something that might clog my pores and yet, as I rubbed it on, I was stunned by the lightness of it. I'll update this post if a break-out occurs, but so far, so good! I think that in a way, the primer is meant to be a sort of adhesive - it's not sticky by any means, but I felt like it was something that the powders of the foundation would naturally cling to.

Sheer Cover Studio Primer

The Trio-Concealer

I didn't have as much luck with this as I thought I would, but I think that has a bit more to do with my make-up brush skills than anything else. I tend to use my fingers for blend-type applications, so I'm still an amateur when it comes to blending with a brush. (You could say I need to 'brush up' on my skills. Heh. You see what I did there?) I could tell that the brightener still helped to hide my under-eye circles, and the concealer worked great to hide a problem area on my chin.

Sheer Cover Studio Trio-Concealer

The Foundation

This stuff was awesome! I loved how smooth and clean it brushed onto my skin, and I was right - the primer really did help the foundation to stay in place. One of the biggest reasons I tend to avoid powder make-up is that I feel like it practically falls off my face (and makes a huge mess) whenever I apply it. I was super-impressed with the fact that whatever I applied on my face, stayed on my face.

Sheer Cover Studio Mineral Foundation

The Bronzer

You would think that because I just moved here from Florida, I would already look a little sun-kissed... but for whatever reason my complexion refuses to get tan. I don't burn, I don't get dark, I just stay pale all year long. Maybe my skin failed color-changing class. (Lucky for me I'm not a chameleon.) Either way, I loved how my skin suddenly had one of those rosy-perfect glows that women get when they've been in the sun for just the right amount of time.

Sheer Cover Studio Bronzer

The Mascara & Fibers

Oh. My. Goodness. This was amazing. My lashes are already long, but I have noticed that they are starting to get just a teensy bit thinner. I have never seen anything so cool as the little fibers that come in this lash-lengthening combo! Just apply the mascara, then the fibers, then the mascara again and poof you have gorgeous-long & thick lashes.

Sheer Cover Studio Mascara & Fibers

The End Result:

I think I look supah-fly. (Are people still saying that? Probably not.) I can't tell from this pic that I'm under-the-weather, or that my face started out as a big ball of blah. I think I'll wear this fab-look out to the store in a bit, for the star-studded tasks of grabbing throat lozenges, orange juice, and the biggest bucket of ice cream I can find.

Alicia Figueroa wearing Sheer Cover Studio Makeup


I know we all are concerned about ingredients these days, so I consider it a definite plus that these products are non-comedogenic with no preservatives, no fillers and no chemicals!

Do you want to look awesome?

(Just say yes, you know you do.) Then guess what!? You too can own some SheerCover Studio Make-up. (And because you aren't me, you'll probably look even better when you wear it!) You can grab some of your own by heading over to www.sheercover.com and checking out what they have to offer.


You can also find SheerCover on social media to stay up-to-date on product info & special deals through Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter or Google+!

Have you heard of SheerCover? What do you use when you have a case of the-blahs?
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