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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Feather The Nest - The New Way to Fund Your Down Payment

How-to crowd fund your down payment!

Trying to save up for your dream home? Check out this guest post from Feather The Nest to find out how you can crowdfund your down payment.

A New Way to Fund Your Down Payment.

Saving up for a down payment is hard work. It means taking a long look at your budget and finding out what you can cut back on. That probably means eating at home more, no more expensive lattes.

But there are occasions like a wedding, a baby shower, even your birthday or Christmas when your friends and family are generous enough to give you gifts. Why not turn these gifts into donations towards your down payment?

Did you know?...

There are websites that will help you do that! Asking for cash gifts can be an etiquette no-no, so sites like Feather The Nest allow you to set up a nest to collect funds to make asking less awkward.

Feather The Nest makes it easy to ask your friends and family to give you donations towards your house savings in lieu of gifts. They can see how much you have collected and you can post pictures and videos to keep them updated on the status. They get the satisfaction of giving you a gift that has lasting value and you get contributions to your home savings.

Where to sign up?

You can start a nest online for free at www.FeatherTheNest.com, and there is only a small transaction fee taken when you cash out your nest.

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What do you think of crowdfunding? Would you prefer donations instead of gifts?
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