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Monday, May 18, 2015

Easy Way to Clean Oven Burner Drip Pans

When it comes to cleaning, needing to scrub at oily or baked-on messes probably falls somewhere in the least-favorite category. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean we can just ignore those messes forever. (Well, we could. But then there would be ants.)

Out of all the uck-worthy-baked-on-scrub-chores, cleaning the oven & burners probably irks me the most. I hate using the harsh chemicals (even though they tend to work pretty well) simply because it bothers me to put such a hazardous liquid next to where I'll be cooking my food. (Not to mention that if you miss a spot when you take the chemicals off, it heats up when you start the oven and causes the kind of fumes that'll singe off your nose hairs!)

Thankfully, there still exist a few clever little tricks using good-ole natural ingredients that will take care of problems like this easily & quickly! This method of cleaning oven burner drip pans has been passed down by many of my fellow green-clean loving friends, and I've always had great success with it.

What you'll need:

  • baking soda
  • a steel wool pad, like a Brillo pad (I get mine at the Dollar Tree for a buck a box)
  • gallon-size plastic bag
  • apple cider vinegar
For the apple cider vinegar, I personally like to use the organic kind with 'the mother' in it from Bragg. If you aren't sure where to get it or can't find it at your grocery store, I've listed a couple places below that you can purchase from. (As a bonus, any sales commission from these links go to supporting my site, so please consider buying here to help me keep my blog going!)

Target sells Bragg in a 32-ounce bottle. They also allow you to purchase the item online for in-store pickup so that you don't have to search through the store or wait in line to pay. You can buy from Target by clicking HERE.

Amazon also sells Bragg, but they have the 16-ounce and 32-ounce sizes available. You can purchase either of them by clicking one of the picture links below.


How to Clean Oven Burner Drip Pans:

  1. First sprinkle your drip pan with baking soda. Sometimes I like to rub the baking soda into the pans if there is a particularly grease-laden spot.
  2. Place your baking-soda covered drip pan into the plastic bag. Add 1/4-cup to 1/2-cup apple cider vinegar depending on how big the drip pan is. The baking soda on the pan should begin to bubble right away.
  3. Close the plastic bag and try to get out as much air as possible so that the pan is practically marinating in the apple cider vinegar & baking soda mix. Arrange the bag so that the liquid is inside the pan as best you can so that the greasy areas are able to soak in the mixture.
  4. After the pan has soaked for 5-10 minutes, remove it from the bag. Without rinsing the pan, use the steel wool pad to rub away the grease and baked on food. It should come off fairly easily and allow you to get those pans shinin' in no time!

Do you love natural cleaning methods? What's your favorite 'green' clean tip?
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Disclosure: I received no compensation for writing this post and, as always, my opinions are my own.


  1. I have black pans on my gas stove that show all the dust and spots. I seem to be always cleaning them.

  2. Great article! My oven needs cleaning, too. I usually use only vinegar. It works! Greetings!

  3. Great tip! I use the same method cleaning mine at home. But instead letting them to soak for 10 minutes I leave them for 8 hours. It is really easy to clean them after this. Greetings!

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