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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Decor - PLUS: Get your Silk Plants Direct coupon code here!

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Remember back before you had a home or apartment? You probably daydreamed about all the cool decorating you would do and how your keen design sense would shimmer through in every room.

Fast forward to adulthood and - unless you've REALLY got your stuff together! - you are probably falling a bit short of your interior design dreams. I know I am. Between picking up after the kids, making meals, doing laundry and working two jobs, I don't have any time leftover to decorate!

This past month I devoted myself to finding really EASY ideas to add a bit of glam to the house in ways that won't add to my workload (*ahem*, dusty knickknacks anyone?) and that are child-proof. Take a peek and see what you think!

(As always, my posts contain affiliate links that I earn a commission on - please consider buying through one of my links so I can help keep my blog going!)

Get a nice tablecloth & place mats to match.

A tablecloth might seem like a no-brainer, but if you're scratching your head on the place mats, consider this: If you have small children (like me) they probably spill drinks & drop food. I love having a bright & cheery tablecloth on my table, but I hate washing it after every meal. I started putting place mats down to solve the problem, and it not only adds a nice pop of color to my table, but it's super-easy to spray down the mats after each meal.

Red tablecloth, white table, fruit place mats, cheap place mats, place mats at Dollar Tree

Tip: Check your local bargain store (like BigLots) for a nice tablecloth & then scotchgard it to keep it looking clean for as long as possible! Not sure where to buy place mats? Check your local dollar store - I got mine for just a buck each!

Get flowers. Silk flowers.

I love having flowers in my home. The only problem with buying fresh flowers is that 1. You have to keep buying them (over and over and over) and 2. They die, petals go EVERYWHERE, and small children love ripping the fallen flowers/petals apart. (Trust me on that one.)

I was given a free arrangement of artificial flowers to review from SilkPlantsDirect.com right around the time I started getting agitated with the cost of fresh flowers. I am so much happier with these silk flowers and they look so real that people frequently ask if they are alive or not! The Silk Plants Direct website has a huge selection of floral arrangements - I had a really hard time deciding what to get! I really loved that their search & filter system allowed me to get exactly what I wanted; I could search by flower type, color, arrangement style, etc. The arrangements are put together by hand so each display is one of a kind, but I think the best part is the unique containers that they come in - mine looks like it's potted in a wood base!

Lifelike silk plants, fresh flowers dying, realistic silk plants

Tip: Find out how much your favorite flowers cost - depending on how fancy your desired floral arrangement is, the silk plants pay for themselves in about a month. (I know that I would have spent twice as much by now on the same flowers in the time I've owned these silk ones!) If you think you'll miss the smell, purchase fragrance beads in a delicious scent like Picnic in the Park (by Yankee Candle). You'll get the deliciousness of an outdoor day with the no-fuss beauty of everlasting flowers gracing your home 24/7.

  • Scroll down to find an awesome 10% off discount code on these lifelike floral delights!

Put up a foil backsplash.

I hate cleaning the grease and oil off the wall behind my oven. For a while I considered getting a tile backsplash - which is far easier to clean than a painted wall - but I balked at the cost. By sheer chance I happened to see a foil backsplash in my local DollarTree and I grabbed it. Every person that has come into my home since I've put it up has commented on how lovely it is and asked where they could get one. It's hard to believe that this foil sticker cost me a DOLLAR. The best part is that I can clean it in seconds because nothing sticks to it!

Rooster backsplash, chicken backsplash, oven backsplash, foil backsplash, stick on backsplash, adhesive backsplash, Dollar Tree backsplash

Tip: Check your local dollar store first to see if they carry foil backsplashes. (The store I shop at had several different varieties and patterns available.) If you can't find one there, try Googling "foil backsplash" and checking the shopping results or check the Amazon store PeelCo to see what they have in stock.

Get a table runner.

If you've never used a table runner before - you're missing out! Not only are they inexpensive, but they come in a wonderful variety of colors and patterns. You can use them to add a new hue of your room's current color theme or add one in a complementary color to make an artistic statement!

Green table runner, red dining room, dining room decorating ideas, buffet table

Tip: Drape colored sheets or towels over the table to see what shades you love best before you make your purchase. Buy more than one (in different colors!) so that you can instantly mix it up the next time you feel like you're in a decorative rut.

Get a fabric shower curtain.

While plastic curtains are a necessity, they rarely add anything to the interior landscape. Adding a fabric curtain to go with the plastic one adds some beauty to the bathroom and helps hide your toiletries from guests. I browsed online and in-stores until I found a fabric curtain that went perfectly with my beach theme, and even got shell-shaped shower curtain hooks to go with it! Although this small change only cost me $10, the before & after difference is huge.

Fabric shower curtain, palm tree shower curtain, beach themed bathroom, bathroom decorating ideas, palm tree bath set

Tip: Check your local superstore or home-goods store first. You can see what the weight and feel of different fabric types are before you make your purchase. Some stores even carry complete bath sets, allowing you to match rugs, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and more to bring the room together.


Do you want to know more about SilkPlantsDirect? I love the review piece I received from them - everyone tells me how beautiful and realistic these silk flowers are! (And I'm thrilled that I don't have to clean up dying plants anymore!) You can get some for yourself at SilkPlantsDirect.com or chat with them via social media on Facebook & Twitter for the latest deals & discounts.

Want an awesome discount?

Use the code BLOGGER10 when you place an order here: www.silkplantsdirect.com - you'll get 10% off your entire order with the exclusion of custom-made items.

Beautiful silk flowers, silk poppies, silk poppy, silk flower arrangements, realistic silk flowers

Do you have a decor tip? What are some of your favorite design ideas?
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