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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#GetThereSafe Teen Driving Tips! PLUS: @Allstate $1000 Sweepstakes!

This is a part of a sponsored safety campaign with #DiMeMedia and Allstate Foundation.
However, all opinions expressed are my own.
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Did you know car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers?
Allstate doesn't like the statistics, so they're setting out to make a change for the better by educating teens and parents of teens about how to help young people drive safer.

Read through to the bottom to find out how you can enter to win $1000 from the Allstate Foundation just for sharing a safe driving tip!

What motivated me to drive safely as a teen?

As a young adult, I was motivated to drive safely because I was impacted by the deaths of three young drivers I was close to. Death is hard to deal with, but it's hardest to deal with when it happens in situations that could have been easily avoided!!

My friends didn't have to speed. My friends didn't have to be driving late at night. They didn't need to have so many people in the car distracting them or egging them on. But they did. And they paid the ultimate price. Their deaths were horrible and difficult to get past, but it helped me avoid the temptations of irresponsible driving.

What motivates me to drive safely now?

Kids. Not just my kids, but my younger siblings as well. I have a brother who just got his license and another brother and sister who are both coming up on getting theirs. Over the weekend my siblings and I got together to make a video that we could share to promote safe driving. As always, we managed to slip in a bit of humor. (My sister is quite the ham!)

Do you talk with your kids about safe driving?

How many times have you been texting or talking on the phone with your kids in the car? How many times do you speed, or get angry at other drivers because they aren't going fast enough?

We're all guilty of it, and we all forget that sooner or later our kids ARE going to be driving. Will they listen to us if we tell them not to eat while driving if they've seen us do it a thousand times? Will they still put down the phone and pay attention to the road when they know mom is an expert at driving & texting? It's a frightening thought.

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Safe Driving Resources

It's never too late to start talking about safe driving. Tips like buckling up and going slow aren't the only things teen drivers (or the parents of teen drivers!) need to know before they head out on the road.

Allstate has put together an incredible assortment of resources through their Allstate Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to giving back. You can find information on teen driving laws, coaching guides, creating a driving agreement with your kids & more on www.tenyearsofdrivingchange.com.

Remember, involved parents are the BEST resource a teenager has when they learn how to drive.

Allstate #GetThereSafe Sweepstakes!

Now through July 3rd, you can enter this sweepstakes for a chance to win $1000 by sharing a driving tip with @Allstate! Feature the #GetThereSafe hashtag for your social media share to be counted. More info & rules can be found here: http://bit.ly/1RECz7l.

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You can connect with Allstate on their website at www.allstate.com or on the Foundation's website at www.allstatefoundation.org. Chat & share with Allstate via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or YouTube!

Were you affected by the actions of a young driver? What motivates you to drive safely?
Chat with us in the comments below, we love hearing from our readers!

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