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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tea Tree Oil: Stop cavities, make your own face cleansers & more!

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Until quite recently, I had absolutely no idea all the incredible uses tea tree oil has. My grandma has always been a big supporter of it, but not until I took a peek at an ebook from Apothecary Extracts did I really understand what she'd been talking about!

The ebook came to me along with a bottle of tea tree oil they sent me to review for them. Let me just say: this was one of the EASIEST products to review ever. If anything, I'm going to have trouble not going overboard talking about it.

Tea Tree Oil to Stop Cavities?

My first interaction with tea tree oil was a couple of years ago when my grandma insisted I occasionally put some on a cavity I had in the back of my mouth. I could actually see the cavity because it was so large, and I was getting really worried that I'd have to get a root canal. I didn't have money for the dentist at the time, and without insurance I was pretty much just stuck.

Coincidentally, I happened to go to the dentist just a few days before I received my tea tree oil from Apothecary Extracts. It was my first time in THREE years. (And the three-years-old appointment I'd had prior to that was at an overpriced mall dentist that did nothing other than tell me that I had three cavities that he wouldn't fix without a lot of cash.)

Imagine my surprise when the dentist told me that I had only one small cavity - the "large" one I'd been worrying over - and that it looked like it had stopped degrading at some point. In other words, it was just a hole that needed to be smoothed out and filled, there was no continuing damage! As a matter of fact, he told me that my teeth were in amazingly good shape for not having had a cleaning in so many years.

Why does tea tree oil work to stop infection & bacteria?

Later that night I perused the ebook that had been sent to my email to try and discover the reason behind the seemingly magic healing properties the tea tree oil had bestowed on my chompers.
  1. Tea tree oil acts as an anti-fungal.
  2. Tea tree oil has anti-viral properties that are useful in fighting off infections.
  3. Tea tree oil also works as an anti-bacterial, killing current bacteria and preventing new bacteria from growing.

Tea Tree Oil to Combat MRSA?

As I read on, I was further impressed by the research and studies that back up the wonders of tea tree oil. I work part-time at a local hospital in the emergency department - a place where I have to continuously be aware of my surroundings and what I touch due to the risk of infectious disease - and I was amazed when I saw the study results showing that tea tree oil was capable of killing MRSA within just a few hours! (For those that don't know what MRSA, or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is, let's just say that it's extremely hard to kill and so worrying that it's one of the things that triggers big-time reports whenever someone catches it at a hospital!)

Endless Recipes involving Tea Tree Oil

The uses of tea tree oil range anywhere from homemade shampoos, soaps, skin cleansers and bath salts to sore throat remedies, healing balms, household cleaners and laundry detergents. I loved that the ebook given to me was full of easy to make and thrifty recipes for all of the above, plus many other recipes. I already had most of the items needed to make the recipes on hand in my house! The first homemade recipe I made was a simple facial cleanser involving Greek yogurt, the Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil, and some fresh lemon juice. It made my skin feel absolutely amazing.

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Why Tea Tree Oil from Apothecary Extracts?

Anyone who knows me knows that I lean towards the organic & natural side of things. I grew up on a farm and I've been on a soapbox yelling about the importance of fresh foods and homemade products for as long as I can remember. Like all things, there are the natural versions of tea tree oil, and then there are the cheap-quality-for-big-profit tea tree oils. I'm happy to say that Apothecary Extracts makes the 100% natural kind!

Where to buy tea tree oil?

Thank God for Amazon! That site has become a huge boon to those of us who struggled for years to find all-natural and organic products, and that's exactly where you can purchase this tea tree oil! (Psst! If you're going to buy, I would love it if you made your purchase by following my link since it will earn me a commission and enable me to keep my site going! Click HERE to purchase.)


You can connect with Apothecary Extracts on their website at www.apothecaryextracts.com, or by sending an email directly to info@apothecaryextracts.com.

Have you tried making your own products before? What do you think of tea tree oil?
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  1. I love essential oils and use them for so many things! I always have to be sure to dilute TTO well because it's so strong!

  2. i've used tea tree oil before - but i didn't even think of making my own "formulas" with it :D

  3. This oil is great, i use it on my skin, in an oil diffuser and in my washer. I tried it out as a cat repellant since they're not suppose to like the smell, either that rumor is false or my cats are just nuts.